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    Throw this pos ISP in the garbage and find a reliable source.  1and1 is trash.......
  2. yup, nothing has been fixed.. i just crashed 3 times in 3 gates w/ PT leader... back to disbanding party every gate if traveling w/ my other toons.
  3. my party leader constantly crashes in formation... happens alot from VT to AP....  i cannot file a ticket in game because that system seems to be down as well..  this has been happening for a week+  any resolution in the works?
  4. are you guys simply renting the ISP, or the server as well?
  5. if we're being hosted from 1and1... oh boy   https://www.facebook.com/1and1?filter=2
  6. Howdy....   i live and play in PST time which is -8GMT   Any chance we can kick forward the nightly backups by 3-4 hours?????   during the backup it pretty much makes me want to shoot myself during game play... if my math is correct this would put the window up during the EU AM mornings (before noon) when everyone "should be at work" and not affect the community tooo much..   Any chance of this happening would be greatly appreciated :)   Boog   also,  could we get a schedule posted when the game plans to go down (TUESDAY around 9AM-1PM PST) maintenance and than when maintenance windows are up w/ the Net-7 icon?
  7. yeah.. liberal...... my appoligies... i hit the last button and it shows only 3rd page :)  no hard feelings.. i saw the note.
  8. and once again forum nazi.... i refuse to reply to a thread that's 3 years old.   /enjoy
  9. ok.... i'll get right into a thread that's been inactive since feb 2010   ha!
  10. see title lots of lag... character lockup.. multiple reports...
  11. getting an offline status for sunrise.  dev shows online?   or is my client hosed?
  12. somebody plug the server back in... it's friday night........
  13. so what's wrong this time? any ETA on when we're back up?
  14. Afternoon, Instead of starting a new post i'd figure i continue w/ this one. Noticed a patch yesterday that didnt go over so well. Sat/Sun we were able to take down BBG no problem. Monday night was a mess. Lagg was unbearable/unmanageable and then POOF>. Tien came in to reset the server. Today i find it completly offine. Any thoughts / ideas what's up? how more lag was introduced in a day or two.... Any idea when it'll be back up? Yes i looked at the other posts but nothing points a fix/solution/yes we know about it/ nadda..... Thanks UPDATE : WOOT "Starting"
  15. [quote name='Exiledrapier' timestamp='1303502374' post='39630'] A quick Download of Google Chrome fixed all my issues. 2 days I have been fighting with IE, and I know better than to use IE! Chrome worked when IE didnt, would suggest that IE is still fail! [/quote] IE works fine.
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