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  1. Raining outside, nothing to do but sit here and wait for the game to be back online, would I be out of line to make the statement, this is the reason patches are done Tuesday - Thursday in the gaming community.   Dont get me wrong, I know the work is done at their pace on their schedule, and I as much as anyone else am grateful of the work they do,(dont go swinging the hammer on me)  but it may be worth tossin the idea about, especially since I know I cant be the only one feeling a little disappointed at not getting in my usual Saturday morning play time. For a fella that works 10-12 hr days and gets in only the occasional work lunch play time :) and a few other scattered hrs during the week, I do look forward to playing uninterrupted bright and early on my weekend mornings, keeps me feeling young.    That being said I'll ding the donation tree on my way out. 
  2. Down again, got mention of the server rolling back code, make sure to dock at nearest station, server restart incoming.......... Then before I could even lock station........down   FFS guys!
  3. Hard to get things done in this fashion. Just a days worth of uptime would be making great headway. I can only start the lvl 30 HU optional mission so may times before I am no longer interested. 
  4. Ok so I patched out, and awaited the restart of the server and I still have the same issue. I click on the client and it comes up tells me everything is online etc. etc. I hit the play button everything is normal, splash screen, agreement etc etc, takes me to Megan, user ID in place, PW typed in and click accept..... then bam straight to desktop. In task bar its shows a netproxy client running ver.2.2*** but the game is not there, just crashed out like days of old, nothing there. Please someone point me in the direction of how to fix what I have screwed up somewhere along the way. Nothing has changed since my last playing the game a week ago other than the patch to live.
  5. [quote name='karu' timestamp='1303852503' post='39803'] you must be thinking about Freelancer EnB mod or something as in EnB live* no mob aggroed when you flew past them in warp. * at the time of sunset of-course. what happened very early in live or even in beta is irrelevant. [/quote] Very early in the game RD's did in fact have an ability to drop you out of warp. As an old school TW I was aware of this up until the mission that offered the Cygni Express Engine as reward, after that it stopped occuring, and shortly after that, their ability to do so may have been dropped out of game altogether. I can tell you early into the game I was so releived to finally have gotten that engine, and no longer be drug out of warp by RD's on my many Trade runs from Tau to Fen, but as stated very much irrelevant now, although it did make for eye opening or tense moments at times. I also remember how tense and antsy I would get when a gate Raid was announced and I was farming Rep in Endriago, or farming Bulwarks, somewhere on the other side of the Galaxy.... Make the run towards Cooper and realize once I got there i needed more ammo than what I had brought with me..... Good times man, good times. Orion server always seemed to have good people who were more than willing to spot ya a few stacks to get ya by. All that interaction would/could be lost had an ability like we are discussing been in/put in game. I'm indifferent really, but I do think there are more pressing issues to address than this ability. The loss of players of course, is never something you want to see, unless of course your better off without em!
  6. Not sure the game needs an easy button. There are plenty of games out there with those already in place. If something like this were to be put in place I would much rather see it applied to the "Explorer" classes only. If we're gonna do it all nice and easy like, give them WH's or whatever from this point of view you want to call them to each and every sector, just at very random spots inside those sectors. Your game time issue is solved with the help of the friendly explorer class feller that WH's you to sector of your choice, where exactly you end up could be rather exciting. With every reward there should be some risk, slight risk to the Explorer classes since it is one of their skills, and slightly more risk to those hitching rides (those without navigate skills etc. etc.) Something along this line would make the Explorer classes highly sought after in game. Surely the locations can be randomized, as far as the skills go just split em up evenly between the Explorer classes, some to the PE< JE< TE could even go as far as to give them the sectors related to their race, I'd prefer to open them all up to each of the "Explorer" classes given thats their calling. All of this is highly unlikely, to many things in game involve the travel, of course I guess we could just load the job terminals with more than what is needed, and keep the tasks all in the same sector you got the job in. That would eliminate the time sinks for a lot of peeps. Time sinks is exactly what they are, time sinks to keep the public from hounding Devs to death about content. Should something like this be put in place, that will be the next thing addressed. "Now that I can go anywhere I want, anytime I want, I leveled up and have played all this content, I want new content. Wheres my new content?" Remember.... you heard it first from Charlie (wonder if he's still winning)!
  7. [quote name='gjianop' timestamp='1303423960' post='39581'] Is your Net 7 launcher freezing up? I run Vista 64 and it takes like 10 min of the program not responding to actual launch. It also causes a high usage on one of my CPU's which I have a quad. [/quote] A quick Download of Google Chrome fixed all my issues. 2 days I have been fighting with IE, and I know better than to use IE! Chrome worked when IE didnt, would suggest that IE is still fail!
  8. After getting a new computer and going without gaming for a while (everyone needs the occasional break) I have found myelf wanting to play EnB again. I am having a great amount of difficulty in getting the client software or any software for that matter to DL from the Portal site. Can anyone supply me with a thread regarding this matter if it has been reported and fixed previously, and how to work around it so to speak, or any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ex
  9. I've seen a system used in other games, in WoW for example a repair Bot would offer some potions or whatever the item may be, but only in limited quantity. If you were to limit the comps on each station to a set number only to repopulate after 5 or so hours (5 hours just choosen at random), there is no doubt the comps would stay out of stock on the station thus forcing player interaction between those that seek it in this thread. Comp builders would be forced to ask for the ores needed should they need a build that didnt have any comps available at the station. The down side of this is you would very likely have a select few driving the market for these items and asking astronomical prices for the comps, and its likely the miners would also take the chance to capitalize by increasing their prices for the ores as well. Cant have all good with no bad, but that would put the games market back into a more realistic market place, would also force the use of credits / create a money sink of sorts. Not saying any of this is rational or logical, but that would be one way to implement a system that forced interaction, forced trading to occur, and thru market supply (or lack of) and demand would likely hike the prices up to create a money sink. Ehhh it was just a thought.
  10. [quote name='Yuritau' timestamp='1300240328' post='36632'] Not to be a nay-sayer.. but what would this add to the game? What benefit would there be to having 200% ores instead of 100%? Component building automatically produces 200% components, so upscale ores can't have any effect on component quality. (and you can't remove the auto 200% from component building without upsetting every trader) Maybe the higher quality ores could add a % chance to have a critical build on components, and a critical build would create more than one component from the same amount of ores. [/quote] With the kind of comp building that is occuring at an Automatic 200%, with this same mind set, why do you not always or automatically get superior ammo each time it is built using ores? Or is this also automatic and I am just not in the know?
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