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  1. the games economy is pretty much flat! money ...aka...game currency really counts for nothing. Item trading is the satple. What this game needs is a money dump. I would suggest some sort of upgrades to equipment; such as equipment quality, if you had a 100% CVE for example... you could upgrade that 5% from a vendor for an exuberant amount of money. and then from 105% to 110% for another large chunk of money ...  so on and so forth. first upgrade costs 50 mill ... then it progresses 100 mill , 150 so on and so forth.  up to 125% is still capped!  it wouldnt be much, but it would be enough to get in game currency flowing and important again. Would like to hear others thoughts on this?
  2. has anyone found this level 4 device?  or where the guy spawns at?  i have been searching high and low for quit awhile now? it says it is in game , therefore it drops someplace..
  3. i have posted a link up to our guild website, you can find walk thru's for both missions here : http://buioldersinc.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=435303&TabID=3715645      goto forums / under most recent posts
  4. yes in fact .. GL has said that " while it is (OK) to go on the raids , he politly asked us ""not to roll"" on items during them" so it is ok to go have fun .. and fill in any missing slots that may be open.
  5. havent actually ever been told that we cannot participate in public raids.. not sure if that is a guild rule or not to be honest. I would think that  most guys that raid often with there guilds, would step aside for guys that do not get to raid often as a matter of courtesy. But as far as a rule... ima check with the GL on that.
  6. we had just started the outside gate raid in cooper when the server crashed .. i have lost my fishmaster 2000 ( ARMO ) .. i had a memeber of the guild start the raid for me because he had done the quest already .. is it possible to also reset his timer/timed trigger so that he may be able to restart it  ( bodoc)
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