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  1. For the past few days, could be related to the last update in the evening around 9pm PST on I get maybe one or two successful Gates/transitions and then get stuck which requires a reboot. This is a new issue as I haven't noticed it except for the last couple fo evenings. This needs to be addressed.
  2. I haven't progressed into the upper levels of Ore/Gas/Hydro/Crystals but thus far the frequency of lower level fields, respawn rates, disperssion and yield is grossly lacking. I know theres going to be a little push back here but institutional knowledge of this needs to be widely distributed. Information of field locations that still exist online are proving very unreliable and even databases from the ST's seems to have changed and not for the better. Lower level characters don't have incredible scanning ranges to pick up fields that mid to high level characters can see with ease and placing sadistically high level mobs within lower level fields may be amusing but its anything but to a character class thats already desgined to be undergunned. Looking for a little help with field locations, ore types contained within and just a little boost from the staff on the next to do list to show the mining classes a little love to let us be able to perform our primary function.   Leavon
  3. What to do, what to do, what to do....   Guess I'll go cling to my Guns and Religion hehe.
  4. I'm sensing a pattern here, whomever is making changes to the Server or the Game Code etc... during this time frame needs to stop guessing and follow a little saying that has served mankind well over the years. "If it ain't broke don't fix it", seriously if you're making a change just to be making a change don't unless we're already brusted and you're not going to hurt to try.
  5. Getting failures to connect with the global server during login.
  6. Okay getting a failed to connect to the Global Server during login if this is the first you're hearing about it then I'll sit back and see how things go.
  7. You know you're making play Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic by having all this downtime... I even briefly played World of Warcraft and all I can say to that is "How could you", now I have to go read a book to raise my IQ back up to acceptable levels...
  8. If his blood sugar is getting low I can send him a chocolate bar, a soda some foreign made Twinkies? Edit 8:50 To late on the chocolate bar I ate it.
  9. I see it now, Captain Obvious just swung by and gave me a swat to the forehead. Thanks.
  10. I'll echo Specops in that I know nothing about coding or servers. My suggestion is on more of keeping the player base informed could you create a Sticky Thread on server status, Up, Down for extented period or whatever explanation is appropriate. It would beat trying to login to check the server status. The thread I'm suggesting would be Dev/Gm/Random Official thread only and would be for relating information. Just my two credits worth.
  11. Leavon

    Ho Ho Hoo !

    I would like to suggest continueing the CHRISTMAS event to new years as we've been experiencing an unusually high amount of downtime.
  12. Matt hit it right on the head, I've asked this question in game and I think serious consideration should be given to listing the available missions  and perhaps a suggested order of accomplishment. I know that would certainly keep me from becoming a Jobs Terminal  Zombie.
  13. A simple average of the group would be more appropriate in the example of the combat group rather then the method described, but then we all have opinions don't we. One thing that everyone is failing to acknowledge is that this isn't the original live game so applying the standards from it are once again just an opinion. People will continue to play this game and occaisionally contribute to the maintenance of the equipment so long as they are getting some entertainment value from it, making things overly harsh or acting heavy handed will simply drive folks away and I don't think thats in the best interest of the community.
  14. Yuritau's point is the precise direction I would recommend, swinging the Nerf Bat on Jobs is the wrong answer though it would undoubtedly be the easiest step to take. Make the traditional methods more viable, mining, non-terminal combat and trade more appealing, not swing Thor's Nerf Hammer.
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