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  1. Proberbly going to invalidate any suggestions when i say that i dont know the ins and outs of raiding. But what would happen, provided it can be coded, if drops from raids are subject to a few restrictions. Unique, None tradeable, None manufacturable and the cherry on the top, they degrade in quallity over time.   If you then make raids activated, the number of nice drops could be offset by drops leaving the game. People can raid their hearts out if desired, get their shiny item and can enjoy it for a certain period of time before they need to raid again to refresh their lost precious.   Later on in the development when expansions with new content, new raids and new storyline comes into play, a reverse engineering quest series maybe to extent the lifespan of previous raid drops ?   Basicly shiny in = shiny out.   But this is just a suggestion to perhaps help resolving the issue from my own limited raid knowledge.
  2. The 'good old days' are gone and should never come back for very good reasons.   Guilds, you gotta love the relic concept.
  3. When your PW (peewee) is calling you, you may want to visit another location first before attempting to log in.
  4. If you cant take a hit, then you are not a warrior.
  5. My JE would love it .. well some day when i go projectiles just for fun. The proposed idea surely comes from a cargospace shortage on other explorer classes. But i would support this idea, regardless that i dont have one of the other explorers. It adds content and interaction and thus expands the game on the community level.
  6. Kingdud,   I merely tried to offer a different perspective :-) I am not interrested nor inclined to verse myself in computer technology. I stay my own self old fart working in a wharehouse. I am not interrested in endgame content eihter, nor super duper rare items to trout around as a king. No rush getting to max lvl, eventually i will get there and beyond .. far far beyond.   Give me an orefield and i am happy. Regardless if it is made difficult or not.   What i do care about is to see a lively community around me with plenty of needs and wants. Requests i could perhaps support one way or the other. I wasnt talking for myself earlier but tried to see it from other viewpoints.   If i have strayed inside the boundries of someone elses personall field of expertise then i appologise. I appreciate everything that is done to bring this game back and is being done to keep it back online. Once again i have a great time playing an mmo the way i prefer to play it.
  7. Although i appreciate the invitation to join the development side of the game, i have to pass as i am not equiped with any computer knowledge what so ever. What many are equiped with though is an entertainment meter. They play a game and continue to do so as long as it entertains them. From their lack of technical knowledge, but quite extensive user experience, they voice their love and concerns about the things they encounter from their own perspective.   These communications can often be accompanied by strong positive or negative emotions. It is not adviced to alienate from these communications from a developers perspective but to try and keep your "cool".   The pashion some of the developers display ingame and on the forum makes them very accessable. You can never satisfy everyone and might feel unappreciated by some, but when you take a step back from a situation you might see where it comes from.   Perhaps the problem isnt in the changes themselves, but the communication before they take effect ?   Of course the average player has no idea what is involved in implementing a suggestion. Though the suggestion itself can bring a new viewpoint on the subject. Ultimatly it is the development team that decides what happens and when. We can only hope that constructive suggestions are taken into accaunt. Maybe even see through the emotions in some posts and look at the underlying idea.
  8. Merely a suggestion from an mmo point of view where you shouldnt have to depend only on yourself to progress. It wasnt meant as a boosting/ hand held suggestion, more so a *you are not alone*. As for what the mission was supposed to do, you doing it solo or instigate a multiplayer/character effect, you can really only guess, right ?   But quite frankly, lets just assume that everything you encounter in the game on any level of design is all a work in progress. With constructive feedback and mature communication back and forth the game can be further developed and reach a whole new level of entertainment for everyone involved.   it's absolutely fine to raise a point about something you encounter and most likely also appreciated. Game developers arent Gods.   Sevin spoke of an issue he encountered and rightfully so. Now it is up to everyone involved to get a mature and constructive dialog going and see where it might lead to. We could be amazed about what can be done perhaps.
  9. There might be someone out there mining ores who could help you out with the ores you need. And guess what, that miner might even give them for free. It's nuts right ?
  10. And a longer lifespan  .. .. right ?
  11. Xpo

    Hello all.

    No ! Dont do it ! It is a trap. It draws you in, slowly tightens the embrace.   They are watching you. Their preying eyes lurking in the dark. Waiting for that moment to turn you to the dark side. Your mind will slowly erode to a state of utter enjoyment.   Once you are in, you cant get out. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.   I have to get out ! Please oh please let me out, i still remember Zion. Yes i really do!   Let me OUT!     oh look, an asteroid .. .i .. must .. mine .. ..
  12. Xpo


    mwahahahahaha, superb.
  13. If you discover something that, in your assumption or factuall knowledge, should not be possible to do or be located in the game, the correct procedure would be to contact a senior game developer as stated per rule number 10 listed in the Rules of the game section above.   It can prevent emotional situations like this and solve any possible issues in a mature manner rather then create agrivations among fellow players.
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