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  1. "Good, evil, there never is one without the other." - Merlin (Excalibur)
  2. When I am playing, quite often I get questions like, "Can you build....?" because the requestor has not gone to Net-7.org and looked me up or one of my alts to see it. Since most of us players have more than one toon/avatar/alt/ad nauseam, we often don't know with 100% accuracy our build list. Therefore, how about a drop-down toon menu, a Submit button that produces a list (with graphic icon, stats, etc) the selected toon's builds IF that toon is allowed (via Net-7.org) whether a build is available. With but a smartphone, I could look up my builds without having to Alt+Tab out of the game and have a look to confirm. Then two pilots can compare their build list size like Real Dickwavers (TM). Have the app only look for toons that are members of your game account so as to not generate a list of toons so long that it overloads the smartphone. That would make it personalized, private and still useful; promote socialization in the face of lazy build requestors. But seriously, a build list would be helpful. How about a /whosector response from Net-7.org or the Sunrise server? This of course would be limited by the settings of preference by other players. Finally, I'd like a Sever Online and Number of Players when the app is run.
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