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  1. slight necro - I wasn't in GoC (played on Gal, not Peg) but used to contribute (as 'Majik')  to their incredibly well done website.     Ofc it's not needed now that the Emu has it's own tracker of items and recipes etc, but the guardiansofcapella.org was beautifully done.
  2. And finally...     I wonder if we'll ever see this chap again...
  3. Used to grab a lot of art as I was a contributor to the Guardians of Capella (GoC) website:     (which was the bees-knees - I wish it could be resurrected)       e.g.         Balm Launcher, Full and Empty Balm Canisters - from when we had that repeatable mission to heal a massive rift in spacetime by smearing fecking moisturiser on it...   (note to current devs - please please please don't bring this sort of nonsense back into the game)
  4. And if anyone is complaining about the terminals in the Emu...  
  5. So while I was looking for a copy of my old sig for a post in https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9506-how-did-you-aquire-your-nickname/page-2#entry82226   ...I found a few more other pics.   I think these were relating to a valantine event where everyone was encouraged to re-colour to valentine outfits:      
  6. Aha, I'd been wondering if that was it since I first saw the name.  (as I remember, it didn't turn out too well... didn't he steal a 'suncrusher' or something and run amok blowing things up?)   Back OT:   Again, a surname-based origin for me - my nickname in the RAF was 'Magic' Johnson (both because we share the surname and also a certain resemblance - I.e. he was a nineteen foot black athlete and I was a stubby white chap)   When I went online (MUDs initially) I tricked it up a bit to 'Majik' - that used to get me through most 'name already taken' checks back in the day, including original EnB when I joined beta.  (interestingly, as the t'internet has grown, it's increasingly already taken - shows how times have changed).   So for original EnB, when I started to roll alts, I just continued the magical theme - this was my sig from the original EnB forums:     So now that with all the accounts available to the emu, it's gone a bit silly, there's:   Majik (PS, my 'main' from original and so the first I ever levelled to 150 on the emu, but gets worryingly small play time currently) Prestidigitator (TT) Illusionist (JE) Conjuror (PW) Thaumaturgist (JW, not really started yet) Magician (PP, newish) Legerdemain (tbc)   Supported by some vault characters: Wand, Potion, Cauldron, Pointyhat, Spellbook, Grimoire, Talisman, Sigil...   My main was Prestidigitator in Eve (very useful as I meant I was never normally called as primary target in fleet battles (yes I was CLS/ASCN) cos the enemy fleet commander would chew on his own tongue pronouncing it) Prestidigitator was also my main in CoH (Virtue) - which got a bit sticky as after a few years the devs introduced a 'lore' NPC character with that name too.   I have to say I'm kinda happy with the theme - it nicely ties my characters together for people I interact with, without being namePS nameTT etc.  Also, I like that it's the most powerful force in the universe explanation-wise ("how the hell did x happen?" "oh it was just magic or something").  And the only thing (apart from the green stuff) that mister-ultimate-godmoder Superman was vulnerable to too! :D
  7. I'm not sure I'd want my healer/tank to have Lv8 Shields...?   With regards to the original question, i think that (due to the fact that EnB is such a supermarvelous and diverse game ;), it'll be tricky for one setup to be obviously 'best'...   It'll depend on playstyle (e.g. how much you fancy driving 6 toons at once), what level of automation you can achieve, where (what mobs) it is you want to farm, whether you want to prioritize safety or speed, etc.  For example, as a certifiable min/max'er I can see the following:   4 x PW, 1 x TT healer, 1 x JE.  With max shield charge from the TT, The PW's will have max deflect with just Lv6 Combat Trance plus Ivory Ward (+optional Armadillo for explosive hole), and can keep agro off the TT as he heals with enrage.  PW's can also load impact if needed as TT can debuff with a Gorgon.  JE debuff plasma with a Chim, apply max Enviro shield (the extra deflects are wasted on the PW's, and the returned damage is a bit pants but the reactor boost from incoming damage can be significant - and means the JE doesn't have to be so spammy with Phoenix etc), plus WH the group, plus group cloak is a good single bug-out button if you're driving a whole group (unless the mobs see cloaked).  If you really want to be bulletproof, the JE can apply every activated deflect to the TT to bring them close to PW level of deflects (and swap round the buff devices quickly too if the TT Greasemonkeys them).  Recovery from minor mishaps (i.e. not team-wipes) is possible without towing as the JE can JS, the TT can Hull Patch and the PW's can repair eqpt.   6 x JD.  Automation needed.  Play like a JD with with more bang.  Should be quite survivable with max psi shield.  Add a JE for JS and WH, or maybe add healer if you want.  Would fail on see-cloak mobs.   5 x TE, 1 x JE.  Play like a TE.  JE for Chim (or Salamander) debuffs.  Add a PW if you want the irony/entertainment value of a PW just for extra debuffing and to let you kite whole groups with area immob (if you don't want to hack/bio the mobs to bits)   1 x (of everything different)  Balanced groups are also great.  I've farmed by having a TT sit there and self-heal tank with max PS repulsor and JE enviro shields on them.  Takes a while but the mobs just bash their own brains out.  I generally play with a PS, TT, PW, JE grouped, which with no automation keeps you entertainingly busy due to the sheer number of skills you can call on depending on the situation and how the combat is going.  And entertainment is what we play games for.   See what i mean - i think all the above (plus more) would be effective and entertaining (in some situations - and will sometimes suck in other situations).  What a great game eh? :D
  8. I Have a Player Complaint for you...   You're leaving! :'(   ...and I wish to register a big fat whiny complaint about that.   Seriously though, I too hope that the addiction that is EnB will drag you kicking and screaming back - I never did join Darkk Forces on Galileo, you would have had a second crack at me in the Emu ;)   <terry tibbs> Much lahv! </terry tibbs>   Majik.
  9. Heh, I did exactly the same thing (i.e. go to the PAX Decimus Gemina) - took a prodding from Darkk before I went looking for Agrippa (the problem was probably that unlike those who have been around for a long time in emulator beta, I had never done any Agrippa content and so didn't know that I should be looking for him elsewhere.   Maybe a small change in wording would help? - something like "On Vinda's behalf, check with Imperator Agrippa regarding the service records of the PAX Decima Gemina"  :)
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