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  1. stuck on lvl 100 HU mission from Vinda. have to scan the PAX Decima Gemina, im at the pax and mission is not updating and there is no scan icon to scan the ship.
  2. docked on arx spartoi and mars even relogged a few time, no mission updates
  3. Im trying to do my 135 hull upgrade mission but have no master hull upgrade mission log. The log is completly blank. so i cannot start the 135 hull upgrade mission. can anyone help me out?
  4. yeah i have been having the same issue recently. i have tried everything i could think of myself and it still keeps me from logging in
  5. yeah same here, i was just on, got a CTD now i cant log back in
  6. what are we on hour number 7? lol just throwing in my two cents.
  7. so we still dont know why the server crashed?
  8. i finally got to downloading everything. i have followed the instructions with the login. reset the updates to make sure its pointing towards the net7 server. but somehow i cannot log in and i have been temporarily banned. any ideas?
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