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  1. Shouldn't have logged all my chars out when my TE crashed. I blame Vista for not allowing me to rearrange windows!
  2. Yeah, login server is not working for me either.
  3. Not completely accurate, but still quite good:   http://enbarsenal.com/
  4. How many satellites can one planet possibly need?!
  5. Server is dead (dunno how long its been dead for)
  6.   I just appreciate that you often respond :)
  7. Yeah Stanig that's fair, but perhaps if the 3 of them could work just as effectively off a log immediate restarts might be feasible. Also with the bugs, I thought each crash was generally from a bug that occurred for the first time. Unless for some reason once a bug occurs, it will happen contiously thereafter (i.e. causing the server to crash within 5 min), what are the chances that that same bug will occur before another new bug occurs and brings it down.
  8. Leavon check out the last page on this topic: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/5823-server-status/   Doesn't always get an official response right away, but it usually does, and you can bet someone will have posted if the server is down.
  9. I know nothing about coding or servers, so dunno if these suggestions are feasible:   (1) Restart the server immediately after it crashes.   In another thread some dev(s) mentioned that we keep getting crashes in Live because, with so many players on, there are simply exponentially more ways that errors may occur that cause crashes (and it is this that causes crashes as opposed to an underlying problem the devs are unable to fix). I would say if the error is so rare that it has happened for the first time only weeks after Live began, why not restart immediately without figuring out a hot fix and figure out the problem while the server is back up. What are the chances this same error causes a server crash before another error causes a server crash?   (2) Designate more people to be able to restart the server.   I don't know how hard it would be remotely do this without having a dev client installed, etc., but we seem to have some blind spots, especially during the US West Coast hour evening hours in getting the server back up if it goes down. Perhaps if it could made where people who can restart are not able to bring it down, but only start it up, there would be less issues with giving non-devs this ability?
  10. tbh, I think proper chat channels should be strictest in regards to market channel, and more leeway to the other ones. I.e. if someone has a short off topic convo in new players or general chat instead of ooc, its not as big of a deal as if it occurs in market.   my 2 cents
  11. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/dec/19/habitable-planet-discovered-tau-ceti
  12. And I had just been thinking yesterday how much more stable the server had gotten =(
  13. Just wondering, It's on the character planner (says you need EL -1) on N7, and I've seen it on other EnB calculator websites. Why was navigate turned off? I can't remember if the original live had it.
  14. the server was quite stable during the day today, it was only a matter of time...
  15. Darkk I made this thread in regards to live. From my original post: "[color=#D3D3D3][font=Helvetica, arial, sans-serif][background=rgb(51, 51, 51)]Food for thought as the server gets wiped and all the builders have to start from a clean slate."[/background][/font][/color]
  16. [quote name='Yuritau' timestamp='1354994979' post='68447'] I'm in agreement with everything TDZGamer said. If non-tradeable, manufacturable gear is EVER a reality outside of top end raid loot, it will be a massive disservice to the game. Also, ANY discussion about the state of the economy so soon after a wipe is inherently ridiculous. Give people time to recover from having all their hard work deleted for crying out loud. [/quote] Yes, as Stanig just mentioned, I posted this before the wipe occurred. But I did post it when we did know about it. It is not completely ridiculous to talk about this so soon after the wipe it makes the most sense to talk about it not. If things get out of whack its too late at that point, is it not? Non-tradeable items aren't great, but if it can be used in a way to make people less self-sustaining, I'd be for it.
  17. [quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1354865054' post='68252'] One of the biggest issues with overcoming interaction economy in this game is the sheer amount of accounts/toons one person can have. Just do everything yourself, for yourself, and theres never a reason to ask anyone else. Therefore theres no demand. [/quote] This is true. But the devs have a lot of things they could try to counter. From limiting how many accounts you can have online at any one time, to making more items non tradeable, to making it more difficult to rip vendor stuff for their comps.
  18. I am tantalized by the EULA I see when I hit 'play', but greatly disappointed as I see Sol...and more Sol...and yet more Sol
  19. [quote name='Hobbs' timestamp='1354687042' post='67943'] Login Server appears to be down, getting INV-300 here... [/quote] Ditto, and when I can get through, it won't load the game environment for me, gets stuck on the map.
  20. Ahh, well thank you for the explanation and all the hard work!
  21. The dozens of crashes that have occurred since going live, each one is some new problem? Or is there something that the devs aren't able to fix?
  22. [quote name='Trapt' timestamp='1354516090' post='67814'] Most of us are in the dark about what actually takes place when the server crashes and shuts down. I know only a hand full of people (maybe less) can actually restart the server, however It would be nice to know what usually takes place when the server is having issues. Most of us just flock to the server status post and refresh it, hoping for an update by a member of the N7 team, though that rarely happens. Anyone have additional info on this? [/quote] I concur
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