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  1. Nice job thanks. I'm not new to the game but like this all in one place. I played Jenquai's in live and leveling a defender now but want to do terrans next. I will be using your guide for that.
  2. BoxerOone


    I met guy in Vegas during an Eve player convention must of been 2004 or 2005. He said he offered to buy the rights to ENB but they turned it down. It was either 10k or a 100k...don't remember exactly. So unless ea has changed we would need a lot of cash. Put me down for $200.00. Lol
  3. .My question is; why is this happening ? I have to do this 2-3 times a week on one account. wIN 7 PC but not on the WIN 7 laptop. This isn't a big issue but the first couple of times it really was a pain because I did not why I was crashing ~!~
  4. ok we got the mininum donates...lets go over guys because we love this game and think the dev team is doing GREATT!
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