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  1. Thanks for the new features! great job The only thing I recognized is that the site seems to be a bit slower (for me). Maybe thats propably my ISP.
  2. Thx Shaddex for your efforts!
  3. hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right place for the question/suggestion. If not, I'll delete the post. When there will be another improvement of the net-7 webpage database, would it be possible to add two filter possibilities (personally the first would be great, the second would also help) 1.) An "owned" tag to the search queries? I mean do a normal search but only show items that are owned by one of my characters. 2.) A "usable" filter At the moment we have: race and profession restrictions. maybe it would be interesting for other as well to select "Can be used by ... TE, PW, ..." From my point of view this would enhance the usability while not causing too much work (if you only have to change the sql statements and pray performance will be fine ). I know - devs have enough things to do to fix bugs etc. but when there is time for some improvements, this would be nice. Thx, TC
  4. tc78


    hi, i can only say it too - great work and good usability of the maps. i still have two questions - there are buttons for "ore" and "mobs". should they work or is it planed to show these locations? - is there any search functionality planed - e.g. search for mobs / ores / npcs?
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