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  1. I really hate re-posting but when I went to put in a WEB/DEV Ticket it simply sent me back to the Forums and I wanted to make sure I started a new topic for visibility. I attempted to access my original "GrayBusch" account but of course after this much time I have forgotten the password. Unfortunately when I created this account it was in the "Hotmail" days; well I went to reset THAT password but Outlook tells me it doesn't exist but when I try and use it to make a new email it says "someone already has that address"...lol Needless to say i do not have access to that email that I used to reset the password. Is it possible for someone to help me gain access to my old account now that I am able to play again? My original account is back from May of 2011, but was last used in 2017. I look forward to "shooting through the stars" with you again either way but would LOVE to have access to my original account if possible instead of creating all new characters.
  2. My Email account that has my Net-7 account no longer exists, is there ANY way to get my old account back?? I'd hate to waste all the time I put in. This is GrayBusch, once a player advocate. I used hotmail in my original setup and of course hotmail was absorbed into outlook but I cannot access the old account.
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