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  1. Editing my post. I misread initially. WiFi is the only current method, I was confused when I first read the post. I will change my question. Will this be usable on a jailbroken iphone in the future or just droid platform?
  2. Hello. I cannot get the power down mission to start. Please either start the mission or give me the power down skill. I have done all of the other skill missions, the only mission i have is for hull upgrade, still can't get powerdown mission. -OptimalPS
  3. I am going to jump in and make a few points about mobs. Sorry not trying to hijack. First of all, as always, THANKS for all the hard work! How about we add a LOT more mobs to the game? I remember it being fairly easy to find something to kill in live, solo or grouped, and there are way less people playing now. I do not know if this is already planned or not but the lack of CL25 and below is sad as it is right now. Maybe there isn't a need to add them during the ST but when this is considered live again there needs to be a lot more stuff to kill. There are hundreds if not thousands of navs and only a handful have mobs at them(again talking about lower lvl stuff). I do have a suggestion also if having "lots" of mobs all over the place will put too much strain on the server then just script it to where there are 1-3 mobs at 4-6 navs in the sector(not including the "main" combat navs already in place) that when they die, 5 minutes later 10 - 20 mobs spawn instead of 2-3 and keep them on a 5 minute respawn, or whatever time is deemed appropriate for the level. If nobody kills them after 20 minutes they depop and the 1 - 3 spawn comes back or something like that. I do not know how difficult writing this kind of script would be? Either way it is just a suggestion. Also as far as grouping goes. I haven't gone to a single nav yet(of equal combat level) that I can't solo everything and still have to wait for what seems a long time for stuff to start popping again. Now lets pretend me and 5 of my closest friends wanted to group. I have not found a nav anywhere that a full group couldn't wipe out in probably under a minute or two. Then you would just be sitting there with nothing to kill for 5-10 minutes. This is speculation of course, I havent been in a full group yet =). More definately need to be added, think of the chaos when everything is reset and there is actually competition. I agree with the stuff spawning off the map and pathing is irritating sometimes, but its also nice at times, you can just sit and they come right to you after you have cleared them all out. People do head out and intercept them occasionally. Next time fly out and see if they want to group =)
  4. Well since we can't have instant gratification requests: -How about a Double XP week/month? That isn't instant but definately gratifying. -Some RD faction improvement sounds good -I like the free access to ship mod terminals idea -More mobs, all CL's. Faster respawn on current locations if adding more isn't an option -Wormhole skill for all? =)
  5. That works for me. Hey I am just glad it is up and running. I am sure that you guys have a lot of great ideas that you want to put in game in the future and I know resources are limited. Glad to hear that it is a possibility in the future to have those things in the game. Thanks again for all the hard work!
  6. Makes sense to me.. Make the mob hard, and harder still the more xp it gives. Jumping one sector for a job shouldn't upset anyone, regardless of the job. But ya I agree a combat job shouldn't take you 10 minutes to get to the mob(if that is the case currently? Haven't taken many combat jobs, and no high lvl ones) The more the job relates to the type of job it is, the more enjoyable it will be to do those jobs IMO.
  7. AS far as hidden items cant you just add a field in the DB that, when checked, will "hide" those search results you want hidden. So you could update the DB to keep it current, and keep those hidden items a secret until they are ready to be unveiled. I do not know anything about DB's so maybe this isn't possible, but it's a good idea I think. Also, maybe this isn't the place to post it(tell me where if not) but I keep seeing people say "That's not how it was in live". Live was 6+ years ago... there are new ideas in games that are awesome and would not upset the balance of the game. Mail is one example that comes to mind(how hard would it be to impliment? No idea, but In-Game Mail is ftw). I do not know if this type of stuff is "in the works" but just because it wasn't that way in live doesn't mean it shouldn't be that way now. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of "how it used to be". Please only see the positives in this post, it is not a rant by any means. I appreciate everything the DEVS, GM's, testers, etc have done and all the time and $$ devoted to get this back and available to play.
  8. Is this being addressed? Maybe I shouldn't ask here but since it's posted here... If my JE's sig says 0.3 then they shouldn't see me unless they are within 0.3, especially since in my experience my CL on JE is always way way way way lower than exploration xp / prospect skill. That needs to be addressed obviously, but if there were 500 - 1000 ppl online groups would hopefully be easier to find anyways. I remember prospecting in groups where it would be 3 or 4 miners and 2 or 3 combatants protecting so everyone got their share of the explore/combat xp. Regardless of minor bugs everything is pretty awesome, thank you all for making this game playable again!
  9. Another great thing about making whatever you want, or making every class and trying them all is that they will be erased before "live" anyways since this is a stress test. At least that is my understanding.. 5th day playing.
  10. About 1 sec till I can push Play, mucho faster
  11. Thanks, Not sure how I missed that post. The error never gave me a problem, was just annoying. Since the update last night I don't have the problem anymore. So it was probably for the same reasons, mine just fixed itself. Thanks again.
  12. This may have already been addressed. It isn't a big deal, more annoying than a problem. When i launch the "LaunchNet7.exe" I have to click update, then the update fails every time. I can still get in just fine but it is a bit annoying, so if there is a known fix let me know please. If not, no biggy. Here is a picture for reference. ps "skip" only clickable after update fails
  13. Thanks! I will give it a shot when I get home from work. Worked.
  14. I tried to access PTR server. It would not let me. I assume my account has to be copied to that server? I read the announcement post that stated all accounts made before that time had been copied over.
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