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  1. Thnaks for fixing step 4 Blacklung, Misselle is stuck on step 9 now
  2. Please add Misselle to the list of TT's stuck on step 4
  3. Have the same problem as Cleo on 2 computers. Reboot was no help.
  4. server go boom? shows offline for me
  5. [quote name='WhiteTrash' timestamp='1307760468' post='42020'] Starting! Thanks Tien! Says online and that there are people in there, but Megan gives me message that cant validate my login and the server might be down for Maintenance.. wierd.. guess it just takes a couple to warm up? [/quote] same here
  6. One way to get people to clear the fields would be to hide the identity of the hulks contents until it has been mined. Open a hulk and all you see is ship remains until you mine it. Once it's in your hold, it's true identity is revealed. Somewhat along the lines of ancient artifacts, but you don't need to take the stuff to an NPC.
  7. [quote name='STRETTCH' timestamp='1302653537' post='38939'] crashed server down at 8:12pm est [/quote] for me too
  8. Doubt that will work. TE's have max device use L8. That's why it's useless.
  9. Anyone else get useless ancient artifacts. Picked up an L9 a couple of weeks ago, saved it until my JE could use it, then cashed it in today. aa ehtang y L9 TE only Not really what I was hoping for.
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