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  1. I've got to jump in and side with the devs/bug fix on this one. I remember during live seeing big time builders charging premium rates for 200% items because they just didn't come out all the time. Buying a set of Zets from the guild builder I got 1x 200%, 3x in the 190% range and then 1x at 178% (it's scared me to this day! ) even with PM parts and faction. The rebuild of that low Zet at the parts and we started from scratch. Players with a ton of cash had all 200% stuff and paid well for it but I was happy getting stuff 180%+ most of the time. I won't lie and say I didn't like getting spoiled by 200% builds I made during the stress tests but at the same time I can see how that could take away from dedicating yourself to being a builder of stuff. This is actually going to force me to buy more stuff and interact with more people....like an MMO should IMO
  2. I remember back in live there was some discussions about being able to increase build % from a max of 200% to 300% with the additional percentage points being the increase of attributes not touched when moving around the normal 0-200% area (Reactors/Shields would be a boost of capacity, Engines would be warp speed, Weapons/Devices would be energy used). I honestly don't remember much more than that, digging through the web archive of ebportal I can't find much. Hopefully someone else on here remembers the thread a bit better.
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