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Money sink idea


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How about changing the Terminal Controllers to be manufacturable?


Make them out of parts of the appropriate level with a non-vendor component or two perhaps, plus a high manufacturing terminal cost for the button push.


It shouldn't impact the game balance much as all it will effect is the final build %age for non-maxed out builders.

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Hmm, sounds interesting, especially since builds, quality wise, are more difficult than in the original game.  I'd wonder what build skill they would fall under?   I'd have either traders or explorers build them in such a situation.  Probably traders under Build Components or explorers under Prospect (refine) or build devices.


If it was done by explorers, I'd say have at least one ABC part (manufactured by a TT, PT, or JT but not available at a vendor), one or two refined ores of the same level as the controller, override, and one or two vendor parts.  It would then either be refined, or it would fall under build devices, and require a mission, tailored to profession, to learn the recipe.


If it were done by Traders, then it should fall under build components.  Require refined ores, purchased from explorers, an ABC part built by the Trader, and a vendor part.  Traders would do missions to learn how to build these items.


Overall I like the idea, I don't know if it's possible to implement. 

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