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This is a tool we have and that we can all contribute to.. http://www.net-7.org/wiki I have started doing some work on it and I know others have.  This is a solicitous post to garner more input from players and to encourage people to use the Wiki. 


The main page doesn't look like much, but here is some tips for using a new-ish wiki...


SEARCH!!! It is your friend....


Also there is a link under "Toolbox" to the left.. "Special Pages"


It will have a number of pages that make no sense unless you are familiar with Media Wiki... however "All Pages" and "Categories" are quite useful to start your searches.


I am currently embarking on a long project to document all Systems, sectors, stations, npcs, vendors... essentially all of the core information into the wiki... and as I get these projects completed the information there is going to.. well.. explode.. so PLEASE USE IT!! let me know IG if you find problems, send me notes on the forums or.. EDIT THE PAGES YOURSELF and fix errors! 


It is an open knowledge base, you can EDIT the info!! You can ADD pages! I know a few folks have been doing this, but since all of the resources we have externally are now very out of date and dying, we need to recompile it in once place. 




mmmkay... <3

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I added pages on Jenquai, Terran, Progen and Vrix, from info I found in the original design docs downloadable from the Net-7 site. Is that in violation to the wiki rules you think? If they are, I'll delete the articles.


I want to add some descriptive texts on the sectors as well, like a "hitchhikers guide", those are coming up soon.


Regarding the loot tables, aren't those linkable to the N7 db, which already is awesome? It's "not particularly exceptional" (read "very bad" to be diplomatic) to store info in many places...


Are we trying to consolidate the info from Net-7, enbarsenal, drpzone and enbmaps into one site? Then perhaps the devs of those fantastic resources should be involved. Otherwise we are building content on (at least) five sites at the same time.


What's your take on this Dodger? Can you for instance make the navs in your maps clickable with their own URL so that the Wiki can link to them and vice-versa?



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Well from the way I see it, there are only a few resources left that are well maintained.. those are closed systems that only one person or a select few can update... This Wiki is open to all and part of Net-7 so it won't go away as long as the EMU is around.. so... It makes sense that we start to consolidate some info.. ENBMaps.DE is not going to be able to be reproduces, but we can certainly link out to it.. as long as it is there...  61cygni has a great deal of info, but it is Shea's baby and not easily updated except by her.  There is a great deal of info out there that just plain needs to be updated... and we are soon going to diverge from the "Live is holy" mentality and the new things need to be documented SOMEWHERE. 


If you can plug info into a WIki, pick a project and document it... Evenually this will be the most up to date resource for info that isn't already available on Net-7 main site.. i.e. Item info youc an get from the DB is not needed in the Wiki...

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I've been working on it!  Just pick a project and go with it.. once we get the core put together we can start to get specifics.. just don't waste much time with things that are avail in the DB.. missions, drops, etc.. lets get all that stuff going!

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If anyone wants to take it on, there is some drop information on the EnB Wikia wiki. It should be reasonably up-to-date (as of about 5 months ago when I took a break from the game).

Drop information is entered by MOB, so the easiest way to find all the drop info is here: http://enb.wikia.com/wiki/Category:MOB

There was some effort a while back to get drop info on the Net7 wiki, but I didn't like the way it was organized so I didn't take part. Specifically, they entered drop info by item, which makes it hard to collect drop rate statistics. Also, they were averse to using templates, which IMHO made it alot harder to keep the info organized.


On another note, maps and importing DB information should be possible if user javascript were enabled on the wiki. I was working towards having maps on the wikia wiki (but didn't finish before staring my break).

Anyways, I'm still not actively involved w/ the game ATM, but I'll monitor this thread in case anyone has any questions.
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but we can't lock them in easily (Protect).

I wouldn't worry about this. Since anonymous edits aren't allowed and accounts are tied to game accounts, accountability is already enforced.

I am just not very good at MediaWiki Templates so I have not managed to design any yet.

In many cases, it's not much different that writing a page, just using variables like {{{name}}} instead of text like "Earth".

Tables and nested template calls can be a little tricky as you have to be careful w/ | (pipes) and carriage returns. You can look at the templates I made on the Net7 and Wikia wiki's if you want some examples. I won't claim they're the best way to do it, as I'm certainly no MediaWiki guru myself, but they worked for me.

One thing I really missed was the DynamicPageList extension. On the Wikia wiki, it made cross-referencing pages much easier. For example, while drop information is stored on MOB pages, DPL could be used to generate a table on the item pages which lists all MOBs that dropped it. Edited by JoeTheDestroyer
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I would say that the SECTOR that they spawn in is OK.. and even perhaps the location if it is a Raid location... However the idea that information that players have should be kept secret will lead to someone publishing it someplace else anyway and with effort can be found.  With the sector surveys I am working on it will say what MOBs spawn in the sector, but not necessarily which nav or the exact locations... What the mobs drop is no secret really... If you ask on New Player channel, for example there is a fair chance someone will just tell you where it is... what drops it and what the spawn rate is like... There are some issues with some missions (Agrippa) in which the Dev that authored them has threatend to change them every time a full walkthrough has been posted... I have no idea as I have refused to delve into the Agrippa content...

The Devs can edit this Wiki as well as we can.. If they don't want the data there, so be it... If you don't want the "Spoiler" then don't go looking at the Wiki... simple as that.. Some of us don't care about the "Spoiler" aspect, we just want to know about a mission and how ugly it will be, before we start it and get up to our eyes in something we can't do...

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I think it would be nice to have a spot where you can find out exactly where items drop for the people that don't know and don't want to search the game to find said item more so if its a rare drop and they have no clue . You don't have to look if you don't want to and it keeps more people happy I don't see the issue.  (Which keeps more people playing)

Edited by wireclub
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perhaps we can just create a "SPOILER" document that contains exact steps to a mission and such, then link it out of the overview document that is just a start pointer for the mission.

Too much work, IMHO. That requires maintaining multiple pages with the info.

Unless it only requires minimal effort to hide things, my opinion would be "why are you looking at the wiki, if not for spoilers?"

I have not found a good way to hide sections..

I did a little searching and I couldn't find any built-in method. The recommended techniques either require editing the site javascript (which we don't have permissions for) or an extension (which a dev would need to install). You could ask them to install something like this: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:JSpoiler

If we had some kind of spoiler tag/template, it wouldn't be too much work for me to modify the current mission template (link) to hide whatever you think is spoilerish. Edited by JoeTheDestroyer
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Never not Necro threads. I don't like that ~person's~ stigma has turned this into a game of "He who shall not be named!", for now, on these forums, I will continue this stigma of not calling ~person~ out by name.


If ~person~ changes Agrippa because someone posts a guide for how to do Agrippa in the wiki the following things will happen:


1. ~person~ will be banned from the wiki on any known accounts. Reason: Page Vandalism.

2. The one account that ~person~ could possibly use, ~redacted before posting because i'm not a mongaloid retard~, has had its password changed by someone. So I stripped the account of admin and beauacrat roles. It's now a read-only account, and if we suspect someone of using that to spy on Agrippa pages, I will block that account as well..

3. A new guide will be posted until we burn him out. There are a lot more of us than there are of him, and all the tears in the world won't sustain him.


~person~ is the one who threatened to change Agrippa because it's ~person's~ baby. The items it gives are extremely powerful *because* they are hard to get. The supply of items is limited *because* they are powerful. However, stifling community cooperation for any reason is unacceptable behavior from anyone.


Modifying E&B content is at a dev's discretion, and the wiki is flexable for this reason. Modifying E&B content *because* of wiki content is unacceptable and effectively page vandalism. Trying to say it isn't because of wiki content just because it isn't in the offical wiki won't fly either, as it goes against the spirit of the rule. That is the line, it is reasonable, the community should enforce it.


edit: Bah. Literally missed a single gender reference. The "he" in the quote is from a book...gah!

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