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Trade run idea


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I deeply apoligize if this has already been sugested, i looked for it and i couldnt find it.


My idea is a large chain of 1 way trade runs going all the way around the entire game (except class restricted gates) that bounces between sectors and systems. To make it actually used and not overpowered it would have to be roughly equivilant in a credits/XP per (trips through gate and distance warped) to somerled Prasad (aka the spice run). And it would also have to be a short number of stations between them to keep things exciting. somewhere in the 2-4 gates range. And to really shake thing up... There should be no decent trade for the return trip on any of the segments ;D


It would make trade runs a heck of a lot less boring and involve more sectors in trade and be a neat thing to do.


However if any one of those conditions arnt met...


No one wll do it and It will be a waste of time to even make :( and i would hate to see that happen.

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I would like to see a trade 'mission' where once a day (or maybe 12 hours) a random station would develop an urgent need for an item. 


It would pay a large bonus for this trade good but would not tell you where to get it.  It would give the same bonus to everyone, no special treatment to traders except they could probably buy it for less.


If you picked up the goods within the time limit you would have to the end of the time limit or one hour minimum to deliver for the bonus.


There would be no hints which stations needed which items but the time limit might be announced, maybe when telling player of the urgent need.


A slightly different approach might be, an urgent need for a specified amount of this item with bonus paid until this amount was supplied.  Players might be less apt to share the info in this case.  :-)

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I very much liked this idea in original post.


1. It would get less boring to do same trade routes.


2. Makes chain ring so that no empty cargo to travel (similiar to current planet Earth trading --in RL--)


3. Even a few cargo, players can turn their travels into profit (either xp or money wise) on long distance travels (let's accept that, this game is 90% warp time) 

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