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EnB running very, very, very slowly because....

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After having spend many hours attempting to get LaunchNet7 to load up, update, and then run EnB.  I have finally gotten to be able to run EnB, but was not able to play the game.  The reason is that EnB is running to slowly that once you are in the game, it takes 10mins to bring up the ESC menu to quit the game to desktop.  And then another 5mins to get your mouse over the correct button on the menu, then another 5 minutes before the game responds when you click on the Quick to Desktop button.



After multiple logins and getting this issue every time.  I started noticing a pattern.  First, when the game starts up and the initial intro movie starts. It suddenly stops right during the begining of the EA animated logo. This is done automatically, with out you having to do anything to cause it to bypass the intro.  Second, during the logon screen, Megan appears on screen very slowly, but once she does appear she is fine. Third, when you hover your mouse over the box for the Username/Password you will hear a the sound, as if you have selected that box. This also happens during name/password entry. Fouth, when the character selection screen appears, it is very slow.  So slow it has taken upto 10mins for the screen to finish loading and selecting the charater you want to play. Fith, when going to the game from here it seems that the game has frozen during the Galaxy map.  Some times you do end up in the game within 5min time, other times you end up having to kill the game process.


But, if you do get into the game.  You will notice in the system notice box at the top of the screen.  It is constantly stating that a snapshot is being made, and it never stops.  Most times you have to kill the game's process to exit the game.


I have thought of all the possible reasons that the game is constantly creating a snapshot.  But, I have verified that there is no malware, no other running programs at the same time as EnB, and that all possible services have been turn off.  And the game still has that problem.  I have verified this issue running the game in a virtual Windows 7 installation, so it is not my main system.



This needs to be looked into right away, as it might be to cause of so many other player's slow game issues.



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make sure ur print screen button isn't stuck! i have no such problems when i log in and play!

That's fine if I was running the on a system that has a normal keyboard.  But, I am running it on my laptop w/o external keyboard.  Although my keyboard does have the keypad, it does not have a separate print screen key.  I have to use a combo of a function key plus the home key.


Please note: that I am not using any king of key management system on that system. So there is no key macros running.




Any other suggestions from anyone?

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I would suggest downloading:




And check if any key are stuck, just to be sure to rule out any problems along those lines.




thx for the link, checking it out now.  Will post back with results.




EDIT:  Well it seems that according to the above program, that I do not have any stuck keys or keys not working.

          If anyone else has any more suggestions.

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