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TH6 files

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I had been watching the discussion of deleting the th6 files for a while now to help with gate crashing and other game ills.  Being overly cautious I didn't delete thes files until I saw a DEV suggest it.  After a few launches it seems these files needed to be deleted yet again (seemed to help).  What a bother but I thought I could do a batch file to take care of these files at game launch.  


Here is the batch file I did, note I could have enclosed all the long file names in dbl quotes but it was fun remembering the old DOS names.  It did turn out that Earth & Beyond needed to be in dbl quotes as even the short name earth&~1 was not recognized.  
<------- Start Batch file ----------->
del C:\Progra~1\EAGAME~1\"Earth & Beyond"\Data\client\mixfiles\*.th6
dir *.th6
start C:\Users\<your user Name here>\Desktop\"Launch Net7.lnk"

<------- End Batch file ----------->


Note 2: I also changed the Launch Net7 shortcut to ALWAYS run as administrator.  

Note 3: Remember to change <your user Name here> to your user name. DO NOT INCLUDE the <>

Note 4: Create a new text file on your desk top, copy and paste above into it and save as Launch EnB.bat REMEMBER!!! if the icon does not change to a gear(s) and shows as a txt file rename out the Launch EnB.bat.txt to only Launch EnB.bat



Hope this helps.

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Yea you would think that the { del C:\Progra~1\EAGAME~1\"Earth & Beyond"\Data\client\mixfiles\*.th6} command would work but it does not! as I found out.

It seems that CMD does not like a mix of short and long file names in one command line, further more the batch file starts at c:\windows\system32 so I had to

make it like this in order to work right.

cd c:\
cd program files (x86) or cd program files for 32 bit
cd ea games
cd "earth & beyond
cd data
cd client
cd mixfiles
del *.th6


I posted the batch files last week but some people can't take a joke and took the "Format Hard Drive" thing for real so the Mod took them out.

Not meaning to hijack your post but since you brought up the subject again I'll include the working files  without the format JOKE :P

Dont forget to run as admin


Tested on 5 PCs, 32 and 64 bit and works fine [attachment=2294:Flush DNS and del th6.zip]




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.My question is; why is this happening ? I have to do this 2-3 times a week on one account. wIN 7 PC but not on the WIN 7 laptop. This isn't a big issue but the first couple of times it really was a pain because I did not why I was crashing ~!~

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