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Hunting Grounds

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Well I stumbled on a mob that actually drops good loot@ lvl and also has stackable loot for farming/trade xp. I was mapping grissom planet (not the sector that actual planet) and decided to shoot a few of the mantaray things (CL 20-22) they all dropped lvl 3 + loot...not a 1 dropped less than 2 items ea. and a good ratio of it was bioparts (stackable)..most of the non-bio was lvl 4 devices/parts/equip.

In live these guys where real deadly as they would cross aggro and a pack of them would be on you in no time. But at the time of my shooting them they was single agro only..while some of them seemed to cluster on me, they didnt jump in for their buddy. So if your less than CL20 these guys would be real easy to kite as on the planet you got a greater thrust ratio. I found that most mobs drops where either way low for the kill ratio...or the items dropped seemed to be very little trade xp per ea. This made it hard to go the shootnloot way of leveling other bars like many progen did live.

On a side note..when you get farther down the nav path (near the observitory) there can spawn spore mommies (36-38)if you see them before they get at you they too are kitable..but unless near 30ish CL your going to burn all your ammo/reactor power before you kill her. If you can take her down these are the spawns that have L7 drops/parts/comps and the rare uber like L7 slime barrier, L8 ooze shield..both top notch shields. If your going to just farm for trade/drops I would suggest hanging in the gate area so if it gets hairy you can just gate out of trouble..the respawn rate is average.

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