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Hello everyone,

I was a big time EnB player a long time ago and I played until the last minute it was shutdown. I was a Progen Warrior on the server Orion. I can not for the life of me remember my name though. I am just glad to be back and would like to know if I can be of any help. EnB was my first online MMO and I can never ever forget it. I still dream of things I did in-game so long ago it is maddening. Thanks to everyone who got together to put this back together after EA decided to cut it for the SIMS online. Biggest mistake ever. I have been true to myself and still to this day have not bought an EA game due to them being idiots about EnB.

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I'm from Orion also. I was a JD named Luctz. I also have daydreamt about stuff I did back when EnB was live. It's so crazy. It was my first MMO too. Welcome back! It's amazing to have this game back again!!!

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So many warm welcomes. Thank you all of you for them. Now if I can only get online to play then my happiness will continue. Unfortunately, at this moment there is an issue with the server that is not allowing new characters to be developed. So when I create the new character it doesn't allow me to enter the game. So soon as this issue is fixed then I can join all of you in-game and finally be able to scratch that 5 year itch that has been called Earth and Beyond.

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