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Progen Privateer level 1 - 10 Walkthrough Guide

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[b][size="7"]-=WARNING=- Spoiler Alert -=WARNING=-[/size][/b]

Hello and Welcome fellow Collegia Trader. The following walkthrough will take you from the very first time you dock til you reach level Ten which is your first hull upgrade.

Step 1) [spoiler]Upon Docking the first NPC to speak too is Chronos Christopher. He will give you the mission “Waste Disposal” Undock from the station and follow the path to the Waste Disposal Site. Talk to it via the talk button right above the target window on the bottom right hand side of the screen and drop off the radioactive material, Select the station and warp back and dock via the dock button above the target window. Talk to Chronos Christopher for your reward.

Upon warping back to station you will receive a message from the station. Accept the message to receive the mission line for your future hull upgrades. This mission will stay with you until you reach level 150. This is found above the chat windows next to emote button.

Step 2) Speak with Imperator Brook to receive the mission “The Cleaner” This will be your first taste of combat. Undock from the station and kill five (5) critters right outside the station. Select one critter and get in range of your starter beam weapon. Select the beam weapon icon from the hot bar on the bottom left of your screen. HINT right click the beam and select auto fire. Repeat until you have killed five critters. After killing the five critters dock again and speak to Imperator Brook for your reward. HINT since your still using beam weapon at this point fighting the critters is difficult. If you target one and engage your laser and than back away from them via the reverse impulse button located at the center bottom of the hotbar, it will reduce the amount of incoming damage so that you can stay out fighting.

This mission also unlocks Projectile Weapons for you after completing it. You can now go to the bazaar located to the right of the main lobby where the npc's are located and sell the loot from the critters to any of the vendors and purchase some ammo from the weapon dealer for your projectile weapon given to you by Imperator Brook. Open your inventory located on left hand side of the screen and open up the equip menu. You will now be able to drag and drop the projectile launcher to a weapon slot and equip it, remember to equip ammo as well.

Step 3) Speak with Imperator Brook again to receive the mission “The Missing Transport 1/4”. After you undock, warp to the mars gate. Instead of clicking to gate another button will appear called Scan, located above the target window. After you scan the gate. The mission will update and ask you to find the energy disturbance. You will need to free warp, right click in the target window to clear your target, east (towards the right of the map) of the gate until you run into a gravity well aptly named “A gravity well” (x -19.83, y 47.31, z 0.00). Fly back out of the gravity well than warp back to station and inform Imperator Brook for your reward. HINT in the computer chat window box it will tell you when you've left the gravity well.

Step 4) Speak with Imperator Brook again to receive the mission “The Missing Transport 2/4” You will need to fly to the center of the gravity well again and Scan “A gravity well” After you scan the gravity well you’ll have to fly out of it towards the destroyed progen freighter. Once you get to the freighter you’ll have to scan that as well. After you scan it you’ll return to the station and speak with Imperator Brook for your reward. HINT to avoid flying through gravity well time and again warp from station to waste disposal site and then to the freighter and vice versa.

Step 5) Speak with Imperator Brook again to receive the mission “The Missing Transport 3/4” you will have to fly to Mars sector, warp to mars gate and select gate located above the target window. Mars sector will not have all navs revealed to you, you will have to explore. Now is a good time to aquaint yourself with the maps located at net-7.org or enbmaps.de After you have discovered Arx Magister which is located in the center of the sector, speak with Zieg until he gives you the backup array. Undock andReturn to Mars Gamma and speak to Imperator Brook for your reward.

At this point you’ll need to level your character. I suggest killing some more of the combat level 0 critters right outside the station. You’ll gain combat experience, plus credits from the goods you pick up and sell, which will also give you trade experience. I managed three combat levels and two and half trade levels killing critters until my hold was full. Your experience may vary. Also after you have equipped the projectile launcher you will have to drag and drop the icon from your equip menu that we discussed earlier and drop it into the hotbar located at the bottom of your screen.

Step 6) Speak with Chronos Christopher to get the mission “Equipped for the Job”. Analyze some of the executioners blades you have or buy a few from the vendor to analyze. Analyze them via the analyze terminal located to the left of the main lobby. Drag and drop the item you want to analyze into box titled "Place Item Here" You should get it on the first try but if you fail, remember try try again. After you analyze them you will need to buy the materials to build them also found in the bazaar. Return to Chronos Christopher after you have manufactured a stack of executioner blades for your reward. The manufacturing terminal is located to the right of the main lobby as you enter. Click the ? button near the top center of the screen, which will pull up a sub menu, than select Items, than Weapons, than Ammo, finally selecting the executioners blades. Then select the Manufacture button located between your inventory window and the manufacture window.

Step 7) Speak with Mathis Alexander to get the mission “ An Offer You Can’t Refuse” Straightforward mission, fly to mars station, get signature, return for reward and negotiate skill. Negotiate skill will allow you to buy items cheaper and sell them for more, as well as gain more experience for selling the items.

Step 8) Speak with Chronos Christopher to receive the mission “Destroy the Swarm” Need to kill ten (10) Suicidal Critters which can be found between Nav 1 and Deimos (x 7.06, y -36.63) HINT once again target one and begin flying backwards to keep them within your optimal range and out of theirs to limit your incoming damage. After killing ten (10) suicidal critters report back to Chronos Christopher for your reward.

Step 9) Speak with Kluge at the trade vendor station in the bazaar to get the mission “Drive for Success”. Buy four (4) units of drive waste from him and deliver them to Zieg in mars sector

Step 10) Speak to Imperator Brook to receive the mission “The Missing Transport 4/4” This is the beginning of your level ten (10) hull upgrade. You will also receive Shield Recharge Skill. Before undocking speak with Imperator Brook a second time to get the rough coordinates of the red dragon staging area. (x 39.09, y 77.56) HINT if you warp past the nav point you can impulse back and recharge your reactor as well as control aggro from other mobs there. Once again as the freighter is a combat level eight (8) it’s best if you impulse backwards to keep the mob from their optimal range.

You will than have to go talk to Proconsul Dionysius Kerr in mars sector Arx Magister station. Go through the talk trees. Report to Shipyard in Primus for Hull Upgrade. Pay three thousand (3000) credits for your Hull Upgrade.

Route is Mars > Mars Gamma > Altair III > Endriago (Gallina) > Primus (Vega)[/spoiler]

Note I have left some things for you to figure out such as gear, how and when to spend skill points

Congratulations you have now finished the first ten levels of your career as a Progen Privateer. This guide was written the day of posting. Any future updates might change these steps. Any changes feel free to post. Edited by Dakynos
Went ahead and added spoiler tags :)
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Durring "The Missing Transport 1/4”, the mission didn't update as soon as I entered gravity well, I had to open the maps on enbmaps.de and fly right to the center of it before the mission updated and I could report it... :(  However the destroyed freighther waypoint appeared on my map as soon as I touched the well, even if its possition isnt suposed to appear until "The Missing Transport 2/4” step 2

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