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  1. was logged on at house still, nvr mind.
  2. Oh and i tired all the toons on my account and even tried making a new one,creation was successful till it went to take me into game.
  3. OK so I have got game installed been playing for few days now I have lvl 30 pp no problems. I played at home no problems, came into work hour later sigh in hit play click toon it goes to take me in game, game crashes, I go to friends pc(same specs same every thing) log on his toon on his account no problem. Log of his toon on his pc try to log on my toon on his pc same thing. log of log on his toon again no problem. i have no idea what to do.
  4. Yes everything is in windows 3 and net 7 would only go  to windows 7  I have also tried every other setting as well to to make sure.
  5. I have read multiple threads I have tried disabling ipv6, I have re-installed I have done every thing i can thing of all things are set to compatibility xp sp2 and I am still unable to log on. I am running windows 8.1 I was reading a thread that said normally if it says server is online but you are having t his issue it is not online to start a new thread, so that's what I am doing.
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