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Where to go?

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So I have finished all the beginner missions and got my first hull upgrade with my Terran Enforcer but now I have no idea where to go. I am level 17 now, and have gotten the lvl 15 skill biorepression, are there any missions and jobs to do after lvl 10, or do I need to wait until lvl 20 or higher? All I know is I am supposed ot talk to Executive Mackellin at lvl 30, but what about between lvl 10 and 30?
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You can pretty much do whatever you want, within the capablities of your character. Before you can do jobs you will need to attain OL35, which will make you eligible for L50 jobs. You can't mine since you're not an explorer, but you can explore the galaxy, do trade runs, talk to NPCs and see who will give you missions, or find some mobs and kill them.
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up to cl 8-12 i suggest weed poppers in earth sector
at cl 15 maybe claimjumpers in carp nav lagrange point
maybe explore jobes from pluto
also find low lvl groups for combat exp

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