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Bad Opcode Error

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Even with the update and reboot last night I am getting considerable problems with the Bad Opcode error. It only seems to happen during combat or other inconvenient times and it makes the FB almost un-usable. I have reset updates but nothing seems to help.

The errors are as follows:

My session freezes in that not changes (movement, firing, etc) are desplayed.

The proxy shows the following error dozens or hundreds of times:

Bad opcode through to Proxy: 0x0000 Length 0x0

It hapens on multips PCs and multiple accounts. From talking with others I do not think I am on the only one.


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I get a lot of bad opcode as well. It happens most often when in combat with multiple clients over the same IP. I play with some friends so its from different computers. If we just fly around it never happens but almost at every kill someone will get a bad opcode.

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Thanks Tienbau, apprecaite it.

Just for further information I am getting Optcodes now when trying to load my (albeit extensive) build list. Especially devices, but often anything. I often have to log in several times to get it to load.

I am also getting an error frequently when logging in which says:

ERROR: Continuation opcode found as normal packet sequence. Attempting to recover by skipping whole sequence.

This occures at login and results in a crash.

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