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Increase ammo magazine size when building 200% ammo.

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Is there a way if at all possible when building ammo to give it double the amount in a magazine or more. Say for example for the Brimstone or Dung instead of 1200 and 800 they go to 2400 and 1600 respectively? Or can we force magazine stacking in the build terminal stating we want to build 2 into one magazine. This would be done using the correct amount of components to be fair so if we were to stack 2 into one it would use 2 of each build item, or maybe force a cost of an extra build item so it would cost 3 of each item for a double magazine stack of ammo. I did a quick search on the forums to see if anyone else has asked this and couldn't find anything. Doesn't hurt to ask! :)

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It never hurts to ask, however, I find the answers usually create some ill feelings.


Your cargo holds are designed for the races/classes and by doing what you've asked, it would effectively give you more space to hold things above and beyond your cargo capacity. This would also open up a whole new can of worms regarding stack sizing of ores, components and a multitude of other things. 


In order to keep the balance, this is likely not going to be something that will be addressed. 


I will, however, reserve the right for this answer to change if directives are changed. 

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