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I had to reinstall but can't figure out how to update the launcher.

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before anyone says one word, I've spent several hours scouring the forums. I spent hours trying to locate the downloads page (finally figured that part out). I've had to reinstall the game and now I'm stuck with an old launcher version (1.9.9) and no way to update it. I'm just about ready to give up before I pull the rest of my hair out. can someone please give me a step by step on how to fix this???


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Hi Gemini893,


Do you use Discord? if so I can PM you a link to the Un-Official Net-7 EnB server and talk you through it.


I'm presently testing the downloading(from Net-7.org) and installing on both a Win 10 and Win 11 Virtual Machine to test the install to try to replicate your issue and offer you a solution. Once I have done this I will post an update.



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Hi Gemini893,


Ok just did a fresh install of Win 10 Pro x64 on a VM and EnB for the Net-7 downloads, installed without a hitch. (Pls note it is the same for Win 11 installs)


The only issue I can think of is that you may not have installed the .NET features as part of the install as shown below, the install runs when you click the Net-7 launcher for the 1st time.


I installed EnB using only three files from the Net-7 download section, these being:


1.  Demo.exe (EA Demo install)

2.  enbup.exe (Net-7 Updater)

3.  Net-7_Install.exe (Net-7 install)





when the install of the Demo.exe sends you to "File Planet" just close the web window and the pop-up and the install will proceed (this is a hang-over for the original EA Demo and the Net-7 EMU does not require you to down load anything for File Planet - NOTE: we cannot change this action as its hard coded in the Demo.exe upon which the EMU is based.


You only need to run the Demo.exe and the Net-7_Install.exe files as it will prompt you to update when you run the Net-7_install.exe.

When you run the Net-7_install.exe it should ask to install the .NET features, select Yes and let it install.


Assuming you have not had any errors and your anti-virus is allowing the clients through it then it "should" work!



Hope to see you online in -game soon.




Features.Net3.x adn 4.8.jpeg



Pls note there was no anti-virus software on the windows install but it was fully patched before the EnB install!


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I did a full uninstall and reinstall and I'm still stuck on launcher v1.9.9.


now, at least, it starts to bring up the game but in a small window and can't click in the game without it shutting down.


progress, anyway.

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This is an update to this: it turns out that Gemeni893 was using an OLD version of the installer not one downloaded from Net-7 recentley. Having spent sometime on discord with them and established this and used the "correct" install files it worked flawlessly.


Long story short, use files downloaded from the Net-7 site NOT ones you have from the past!!!!!

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