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Afterburn & Nullfactor Field Reactor Mods

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I have both these skills at 5/5 and they do their active effects but do not appear to affect my reactor cap nor recharge.


Is this a display bug or are these effects not occuring?

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None of these 2 skills increase your reactor cap.


Afterburn lv5 costs 8% reactor energy to activate. Nullfactor field lv5 costs 10% reactor energy to activate . They lasts for quite a while or until you turn them off.

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For context: AFAIK: the in-game descriptions for skills cannot be changed because they are hard-coded in the client. Shield Nova, for example, states that it drains 21 energy per second per skill level, converting it at 130%, so it *should* do 21 * 10 * 1.3 = 273 DPS, but you can get it to hit for over 2000 DPS. So...clearly the devs decided to buff the ever-living-shizznit out of that particular skill for some reason, but only at lvl 7. This is also why mobs that have SI seem to melt you; because they are literally hitting you for around 2000 DPS from that skill.

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