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How much SP do we get in total?

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Working over the Character Builder and trying to make sure I don't make a mistake as I level.  When I work on these builders I tend to go "I want them aaaaaaaaaaall!!!"   Then I kept adding bonus SP to do such and so I kept adding Bonus SP and it didn't seem to stop!  Glorious days!


... though I'm sure this isn't the case.


So, how much SP do we get in total in this universe of Earth and Beyond please?  :)

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One mission gives you 3 Skill points  upon completion, another mission gets you the Polar Express Engine  LVL 5 

Increase Engine Thrust (Activated)
Increases Ships top speed by 100.0 for 300 seconds when activated.
Increase Maneuverability (Activated)
Increase turn rate by 50% for 300 seconds when activated.
Weaken Plasma (Equip)
-30.0 Plasma Deflect when equipped.
Weaken EMP (Equip)
-30.0 EMP Deflect when equipped.
Increase Cargo Capacity for Trade Items
Increases Trade Item Capacity by 25 %


warp 4k; thrust 150 

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