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Hi Guys


Ive not played the server in 13 years it would seem lol, and im just wondering how close is the server now to the official games original state?


Things like:

Class Quest lines 

Class upgrades

Ships items

Systems / Sectors


Thanks in advance


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I would say its Different from when it was Live back pre 2004  and in some ways improved,  Class Mission are extensive Progens have the Agrippa Line of Missions (headache)  the only skill mission and skill not i the game is the Jenquai Explorers Contemplation skill  its in work but taking time to get it working correctly, Ships item are extensive and wide spread quantities  there are a bunch of new sectors  including sectors for training the Terran Scout (explorer), Progen Privateer (trader),  and Jenquai Seeker (trader) also a Public Raid Sector(PRS) with  the raids  Ascendant Voltoi, Fish Bowl, Controller, RD Base, Ghost of Blackbeard (GOBB) and the Gate raid. The raids in the PRS do not need triggered by the players, the GM's will trigger the selected raid(s) also the PRS can be closed when a raid is in progress to allow only participates only in the raid.  more sector are also due to be added some time down the road when they are ready and the story line dictates its needs.

Feel Free to jump in and try it out  the player are helpful and will answer questions and I am usually in game in the Evenings to late night Pacific time zone most days  

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so some where near 80-90% ? but with new / altered content?


Im a JD, but my char was made years back, would it be best to delete him and start over or should he be fine? im not going to have any glitches>?

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you should be ok JD's are pretty stable.  I see that you are signed in as I type,  you should finish the level 30 Hu missions  there is a walk thru on the Net-7 wiki  if you need it



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