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  1. im part way through it, im sure ill be fine. ATM im modelling a scene based on a Jenquai stations market.
  2. so some where near 80-90% ? but with new / altered content? Im a JD, but my char was made years back, would it be best to delete him and start over or should he be fine? im not going to have any glitches>?
  3. Hey Guys Anyone got a decent quality image of some of the Tada o adverts? I wanting to use them in a 3D fan art render Thanks
  4. Hi Guys Ive not played the server in 13 years it would seem lol, and im just wondering how close is the server now to the official games original state? Things like: Class Quest lines Class upgrades Ships items Systems / Sectors Thanks in advance
  5. just thaught it would be a good idea if you could add markers on the Net7 EnB Portals Map Collection to show where the mobs in that sector are and what level thay are.
  6. i dont know if this has been addressed or not ive saw a few people who have said they have had problems loading the game with hither resolutions or more to the point it just refuseing to load the resolution. will i found that if almost any exe file to do with the cliant or net7 loader is in XP compat mode or admin mode the game gets locked to low res despite the config settings or just will not load.
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