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Avatar Name Changes .........

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If you wish to have your Avatar name Changed  this includes adding the profession initials, Your Request Must be Submitted Via the GM tickets System, So that we have a paper trail and prof of the request,  This is to protect you from getting your Avatars from being changed by someone else,   If the name(s) are available the names will be changed and you will get a response back through the GM Ticket System that the names) have been changed, 


Be Signed into the Net-7.org (Portal Page) then go to the WebHelp page  then to the Ingame issues (GM Support) selection  DO NOT USe the Tech/Web/Portal Selection as anything there goes to the DEVS, Not, The GM's.  The InGame issues GM Suppport Does Work  I tested it  BUT YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN to the Net-7 portal page in order to use it  



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