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Team vault mechanics

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Hope this is the right spot to place this.


Could someone shed some light on how this is supposed to work, or am i "doing it wrong" ?


- add new vault

- pick one of my vault toons (e.g. vault1) 

- yet this toon can only be selected as a source, not a destination for a vault transfer? 


am i supposed to make all characters that are transferring items a "vault" ?




i would expect the vault-character to be a destination in an item transfer-process, not a source?



- edit vault1 character

- add "rights" to all other toons

- tick team vault

- select normal character as source

- select vault1 as destination


add more vaults as needed (faction/loot/ore etc.)



must be missing something..

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Account Vault: Net-7 Account vault is used to transfer items between linked E&B game accounts (9x game accounts can be linked to 1x net-7 account). This costs zero credits but the transfers must be done by toons (game characters) that are NOT logged in.  Its not really a 'VAULT' but a way to quickly transfer items from one toon's in-game vault to another toons in-game vault. This can be setup via the Account tab on the net-7.org website.  Most players use this method as its simple and you can just create toons to act as 'vaults' for ore, drops, ammo, etc without having to log them in to transfer items.


Team Vault (its been over 5 years since I tried this out so if any active users have additional info feel free to correct me): this is to transfer items between different Net-7 accounts and works the same way the account vault works but allows restricting access to those accounts, and toons, that you want to access it. It requires credit upkeep (5 mill to create and 15k per day, per toon that has access.....this can get expensive). Generally this is ONLY used by guilds, between trusted accounts, as anyone that has access can remove all items at any time.







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thanks for clearing this up.


i hadn't realised they were infact separate functionalities...


looks like account vault is sufficient for my immediate needs, always thought the setup-fee + daily cost was needed.

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