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on the net-7.org  after you sign in to the page, using your Forums sign ins,  under the home tab, downloads selections,  there's the links for both the Net-7 client and the EnB clients,  download both of those, but install EnB first, DONT USE THE EA LAUNCHER THAT COMES UP IF YOU RUN THE ENB CLIENT AT THIS TIME IT WILL NOT WORK.  then make sure you install the Net-7 client .  Before you run the net-7 client  ensure that you navigate to the folders both ae installed into, locate the executable files and right click select properties and run as administrator and compatibility for win xp sp 3  seems to work the best.  


Before you start playing the game, it will need to be updated,  run the net-7 launcher and agree to the statements, let it update it will update both the launcher and the EnB client.  when the updates are over verify that the launcher is Vers V2.2.0., if it is not  then you need to force reset updates and close restart  the net-7 launcher and check for updates  may need to do this several times.  


At this point if the launcher is the correct version, please verify that all four boxes in the middle of the net07 launcher are marked  Packet optimization, prototype reorder, delete *.th6 and mouse unlock.   if all is correct, then ......GO to the Net-7.org page and under the account tab CREATE a Game account,  this will be the Sign-ins for the Game,  please keep this simple no special characters in the passwords. once  this is done. you can now start the launcher and enter the game, I am going to assume this is your first time logging in to the game.   the first thing you will need to do is create your Avatar and ship, on the character creation screen all 9 avatars selections are available, use the inside arrows to move between characters and decide which one you want,  the Terran scout (TS)Explorer), the Progen Privateer(PP)(Trader), and the Jenquai Seeker (JS)(Trader) do not have audio tracks linked to them  as they were not active in the origin game, they are active here,  make your character choice then stat customizing it and the ship,  when yo move  past the ship screen in to the first time login page create your name,  DO NOT USE any sexual connotations or any names the may bring disdain and hatred upon you,  I Will change the name if so, if not ban you. those names are violations of the Terms of Service (TOS). name your avatar  select sunrise server its the only server that players use, you will log in to the game into your selected professions starting sector and be docking  in the station,  seek out the training NPC's for your first missions  and complete those,  make sure you talk to every npc in the station several times during your training  some NPCs wont give you any missions at all but some will give more mission depending on what missions you have completed and what level you are and what skills you have achieved.


on the names when you create your name  you can add on the Professions initial at the end and in game run the /capitalize command to capitalize them  


when in game if you need help just ask on the new player channel  someone will assist you,  


if the game is not the right size for your screen,  navigate to the EnB folders and find the folder ENBConfig and find the EnB config  executable and set to run administrator and compatibility  (run the checker)  then run the the enbconfig program and selecct the resolution that works for you 

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