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Accounts corrupted/reset?

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I've been away for many years, and decided to give it a go again, only to realise my accounts have gotten corrupted/reset.


I say corrupted because there are multiple Temmpirary characters with empty slots between them, and even a game account (I think) called Tempirary too, and I suspect that's not usual. ^


I have to assume that it's outright lost, since I've loaded them and the characters there are L0

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as you have signed into four of your six accounts, i do not know when you last signed in to those four. the two you haven't signed in to, show that you last signed in Nov. 10, 2012,  two days before we went live and all avatars were wiped just before the server was restarted on nov12 2012, the "temp" names saw last time logged in was also Nov. 10, 2012 i saw that all of the temps are slightly different spellings. since the wipe on and restart on Nov 12 2012 there has not been another player wipe. It looks like you will have to start each avatar over if the name is still available,  We all started at level 0 when the server was restarted on Nov. 12, 2012

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