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GM Tickets For In Game Assistance

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When You write a GM Help Ticket for mission assistance, lost items, or Seasonal mission,   The Following information is required

Who   Name(s) if your Avatar,  (Characters Name)

Mission Name  and Steps   

What   what happened  and/or What needs to be done

any other important information needed to amply your issue  (I.E what you did or was doing when the issue popped up)


For Example: I have been getting tickets to reset the Christmas missions  but the ticket  Submitter did not include the characters name, 

the GM's  NEED TO KNOW who is the character that needs help,   


submitting the information required will allow the GM's to go through working the Tickets Faster with out bouncing the tickets back to the Submitting player, this results in longer times involved in correcting your issues.



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