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Anyone out there?

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6 hours ago, karu said:


The url I gave you is the url launcher tries to patch itself. Some updates obviously are working for you, but you need to figure out why downloading LaunchNet7.exe fails in your computer.


Disabling antivirus/firewall temporarily for test, checking 'Network error' message if it gives reason for error.


Both of these links work on Win10/edge



I wish I could say I knew exactly why, but...I was able to launch this morning, reset updates and update again after being able to download these two files. Game launches now!  But my site password apparently isn't my in-game password.  Is that resettable?

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Found the reset, and can log in now.  Will play a bit later hopefully.  Thank you all for the help, suggestions and perseverance!


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had tis issue last night on my laptop, i downloaded the launcher from link above and it worked.



i boot up this morning and try logging in once i click play in the launcher it closed and popped a message about cannot delete a thc file or something that effect.


now downlaoded and replaced the cfg file and now when clicking play the launcher just goes away

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