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Death of Spacegrrrl (Issler Dainze)

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Hello all,


I haven't played this game before and I haven't had experience in Earth and Beyond.


I'm brought to this forum and this game because of a player who used to reside here, known as spacegrrrl. I am aware spacegrrrl used to play this game and may have friends here.

To me, her nickname was Issler Dainze, and she used to be a EVE player controlling a corporation called Tadakastu-Obata, from which I previously reside from. We have known each other since 2012. I've attached some art which mentions terms from E&B which she looked after if anyone recognises it.


Her account on this forum is here: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/profile/388-spacegrrrl/


I'm here to tell any friend of spacegrrrl that she unfortunately passed away 19th September 2020 in her own home. I am sorry that I have to bring you this news but understandably, Michele cannot do it herself. If any of you know any of her friends within the game, please pass this message on.


Kind regards,



MDK-Tadakastu (EVE Online)


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Thank you for passing on the news.

Had seen her post in the past and be involved with discussions on the server. Sorry for the loss, by way of reference, Tadakatsu-Obata are the 2 Terran houses/families that formed the "Tada-O" company from this game's lore. 

Very sorry to hear of any of our players passing on.

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