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Log In Server Crossing Accounts causing crashes.

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Starting about 6pm est 6/20/2020, I came back from being afk.  Toons were soft crashed (seem logged in but non-responsive.)

Logged the TS/TT in without issue.  When brought up the PW invited to group and was okay for about 5 minutes.  Then he went dark in group like he had gated.  He seemed fine but others in the group he wasn't there.  Logged back in and sent invite to Arok.  But the message on the computer was "Invite sent to Wormhoe".  He refused 2 times then sent him a tell saying trying to get my pw but getting sent to his toon. 


Relogged in the PW again and got in group.  Another crash.  TS couldn't kick the pw out at all.  Got back up sent another invite and this time it went to yet another player.


Finally got back to F7 and waited until 945pm est and tried again.  Got the 3 toons in group and was outside the station watching.  Then he pops off.  Looked at the computer messages and it had "Paxclonev has logged in"  Then immediated after message was "Paxclonev has left the group"  Not Arok my PW in the group.


Some accounts are effected and some not (like before with toons that couldn't stay up that Kenu was also effected by and dealt with a couple months ago.)


Don't know if this info can help finding a solution. 


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i am aware of this issue  i can not log in with out immediately having to restart,   this how over is not a gm issue as GM's can not do serer work such as restating or troubleshooting server issues.


Woodstock HGM


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This kinda proof.  Caz one of my guildies having same crash issue.  I invited Caz to group.  Somebody named Royote logged in and I got "Royote invited to group."

Then one of my friends Ewerock logged in and got message "Timed out group invite for Ewerock"  So each person logging in toon the spot of the previous. 


And Ewerock had other stable accounts up and was in his group.  When he logged in his JD it kicked out his JE and gave message that Rockula has left the group.


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the server showed some else that i was grouped with them when i was not in a group   so i understand   we just have to wait for one of the server devs to get the message 


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