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Master Percenter Builder Device ...

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From the Moullineuf industry of ideas of device that probably won't ever be made 


I now present to the world and gaalaxy  nay the universe the :


*** Master Percenter Builder Device ***


What device is this and how ay I get it you ask ? 


For the low price of ... no wait wrong forum ūüėȬ†



At level 150 upon reaching max in a build level you are offered the chance and privilege to talk to a NEW NPC


NPC name ? Let's make a sugestion based online poll like for Boaty Mcboatface https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boaty_McBoatface


So NPC McBoatface ( name placement for now ) is in space around saturn ( to be detrmined it's a suggestion )


Ofer you the mission to Build the *** Master Percenter Builder Device *** trademark pending .


what you need to do is gather all the mining device from level 1 to 9 and bring it to him


then you need to bring him the bogeril line of solar sail from 1 to level 4


then you need bring him the novaflash line 2 and 3  of beam( for now right , right ? )


Upon doing that you get Attacked by is New raid of enemy equipped witht eh thing you just brought 


40 Low levell 20 Sulami Pirate who you have to shot all of them down


Upon killing the last one the mission upgrade


you go see Boaty Mcboatface again and no he give you the blueprint for the 


*** Master Percenter Builder Device *** 


which consit of a lot of level 1 item in group of 6 for part 1 device


a lot of debris and junk for part 2 device


a lt of debris and prottype 1 beam for part 3 device


once you have  part 1 , part 2 part 3


you realize that you need beuleha cookies for the part 4 and need to make or get cookies


*** Master Percenter Builder Device ***


as only one job instant building on th ebuilding console when you hav eit equipped it,s alevel 1 device

that only level 150 can use as it help make your 5000 item for 20% percentage easy to do.







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