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Is there any unofficial way to run this game on Windows 2000?

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Hey folks, new here. I'm into a bit a little niche hobby, Retro PC Gaming, the PC equivalent to playing old games on old consoles. I have a Windows 2000 PC, essentially period accurate, and I've always been a huge fan of Westwood Studios, and it was my dream to play this game. I missed out on it way back when, and I thought all was lost until I decided to google Earth & Beyond Private server. Sure enough, here I am.


My question is, (and yeah, I saw the Win XP no longer supported post) but is there any way, even if should leave ME vulnerable/unsafe, to use this game with my Win2K/DX8.1 PC? Crossing all my fingers!

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Hm.. nothing I know of, because the issues that change have to do with the certificate and how they work. 

I mean, you can relay any error message back since we obviously don't test with this and if I can think of something I would let you know but honestly it's not the safest thing in the world. I would hope that PC is hella firewalled, because I'd be surprised if it wasn't hacked within a few seconds of being on the internet in today's age with the limitations of 2K.

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