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Ammo research mission

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Let's Discuss ammo and Ammo research


Missile and Projectile ammo type specifically


Not much as changed in my perspective.


What I would like to see is Progen and Terran Ammo research to Instantly killing High-Level V'rix.

And Jenquai and Terran Ammo to kill High-level Progen

And More high-level progen Mobs of certain Faction would be nice but it's for another discussion

Wait no I don't mean a level 9 with incredible high hot firepower level without consequence.


I mean the Self-destructing kinds and experimental kind you have to learn in a series of mission That explodes your ship and do real damage to equipment kind of experimental ammo research That is credit sink, mining intensive ( within reason not near mars project numbers )  and require other race/class parts.




Example : 


You have reached level 135


you can build ammo and are tired of the V'rix Helkos ( example I don't know exactly what High level is there ) in Primus around the Progen Shipyard killing new Progens


You meet the 1000 try, still, newbie progen in space near Vega Gate in primus who ask you to help him get is first level 30 new ship upgrade.
( New NPC Trainer created of Vega Gate in Primus specifically for this mission, not exactly next to the gate make it exploring too for the first time )


His origin story is that he is a GENIUS in ammo development but a really bad pilot and after 1000 try and lots of help from other players as never gotten is level 30 ship upgrade due to V'rix around the shipyard.


He as new ammo that is extremely potent, extremely effective but a wee bit suicidal.


He first gives you a list of 4 Series of items to get him.

Travel + Buying part

3 X Augustus VI sold at Glory Orbit ( Reactor )
2 X Valde Fervens Lux Lucius Player Made Agrippa learned laser ( Laser )
3 X Explosive Rocket Type Zet multiple Vendor sold item in Normal sector space ( travel around part )
100 X Explosive Black Casters Sold only in Paramis red Dragon zone ( Travel around + red Dragon access or toon/friend with access


You bring them back and He asks you to dismantle them to get at the parts. ( The NPC just made you run around for parts inside items ! )


Dismantling +trading + travel part.


He wants 3 X K3 Providence Pro from the Augustus VI ( vendor sold )
He wants 2 X K3 Optic Amplifier from the  Valde Fervens Lux Lucius ( vendor sold )
He wants 3 X Brimstone Flux X2 from the Explosive Rocket Type Zet (Mining/dismantling and Player made needed or trading )
He wants 1 X Warlock Fireball from Explosive Black Casters ( Sold at Main race Station and Paramis ) 


He thanks you for the 100 Back Casters ammo he plans on getting a Black caster later and did not want to go fetch 100 of them


He Gives you the V'rix Revenger Alpha Blueprint for L8 and l9 Missile launcher and L8 and l9 Projectile ( to be determined on what weapon get that new ammo)


He asks you to build the ammo and go test it on the 6 pack of V'rix near the shipyard with your new experimental ammo.


You build a 1 only ammo stack using the above parts.


You go and fire the experimental ammo at the 6 Pack V'rix.  


Your ship explodes! You're dead in space, you incur no debt and no damage to equipment ... The Vr'ix are laughing untouched by your attempt.


you either tow or get a jumpstart.


Go Back to NPC ... I suggest Kyp LB ( Little Brother) for NPC name


He asks you well how did it go?

You tell him it was a complete failure !!

He says we learn by trial and mistake 

and that he found out that he mixed the component for new ammo from Explosive Black Casters he wanted the 

K3 Explosive pack ( sold in normal space )

he gives you the Blueprint for V'rix revenger Beta ask you to go build it now and try it.

Your ship explodes! You're dead in space, you incur 10k in debt and 5% damage to all equipment ... The Vr'ix are laughing untouched by your failed attempt.

BTW it's not a mission to go and use your UNIQUE non-manufacturing high-level equipment with they will get damaged too ...

You go Back to Kyp LB and tell him he destroyed your equipment and it's another failure!

Kyp LB feel you're being rude to him and ask you to get Chocolate and 2 X Spiced coffee and Milk

You return to him the chocolate and Spiced Coffee

He tells you that he learned from an informer in the Ammo community forum on Net-7 dot KcusAE ( read that backward )
that V'rix are in demand for Spiced Coffee and are allergic to milk

He asks that you go get 2 Trade item from trade vendors

Upon your return with the item, he gives you the V'rix Revenger Coffee and Milked Ammo Blueprints for you to build and try on V'rix 6 pack

Surprise! Surprise! You have a Talk option that says I tried it but not really that opens up choosing it to give you 1 million credit but you have to restart the mission from step 1 and V'rix revenger Alpha. You keep your learned blueprint but have to REDO the former steps. 

if you do go try it :

Surprise!! Surprise !!

Your ship explodes! You're dead in space, you incur 100k damage debt and 50% damage to ALL equipment ... The V'rix are 50% Shield and 50% Ship damaged, you Gain 2k Faction with most V'rix enemy but loose 4k in V'rix faction, The V'rix FBI as now your picture on there terrorist of the decade V'rix board !!

you either tow or get a jumpstart.

You return to Kyp LB ... 

Now you're mad !!

But wait he scanned your attempt and he thinks He found a Breakthrough with your attempts after 1 million Failure by all other players who also tried it too !!

All you need to get for him are
1 X Piece of Duct Tape ( make or trade device with other players who can)
25 X Roller Press

When you bring it all back he tells you why did you bring him 25 Roller Press, you don't need it for the ammo

He gives you the Blueprint for Ammo named

Kyp LB V'rix Revenger Duct taped.

Parts for ammo are 
1 X V'rix Revenger Alpha
1 X V'rix Revenger Beta
1 X V'rix Revenger Coffee and Milked
1 X Duct Tape device.

He tells you to go and try it that it should work SOON this time family trademarked plus royalty pending

You go and try it on the V'rix 6 pack and 

You explode in space, you incur 75k in damage debt and 75% of all your worn equipped equipment are ruined 

But but!

The V'ix 6 pack are now dead 

You Tow or get a Jumpstart ...

Go Back to Kyp LB NPC

He says Thanks for all your hard works he knows that he can go and get safely is ship upgrade and aks that you PROMISE not to share the blueprint and details of his invention 

BTW on is Ammo community forum they told him a way to simplify the recipe

So he gives you the Kyp LB KcusAE ammo blueprint for rewards and 10 Million credit PLus 4 skill point as it's not Christmas

Kyp LB KcusAE ammo parts Consist of 

1 X K3 Chemical Pack
1 X K3 EMP Generator
1X K3 Plasma Cartridge
1 X K3 Chemical cartridge
1X K3 voltage regulator
1 X Small Crate Filled with Cement Blocks and Duct Tape device


Kyp LB KcusAE

ammo is the key to have in cargo to get access to talk three from 


Trainer or leader to get to go Kill Progen, Terran or Jenquai target with their Ammo variant /mission for specific target

Or other V'rix specific Target

those are all Suicide mission with varying damage debt and varying equipment damage I suggest damage only to equipped equipment but I am not a dev, they can decide those in cargo to be damaged as well.

All those missions from a different faction are taught to foster cooperation and sharing of ammo technology between faction ... not really it's
downright meant as revert engineering, former teacher teaching backstabbing and some fun suicidal mission that at the end give

you Tons of skill points, a level 80 V'rix killing one use suicidal Ammo to help stop the Impending V'rix invasion but ultimately fails.

It's just an idea of something, I could be very wrong is easy to implement and fun that could bring about new ammo type ( The one single usage suicidal type )

As always feel free to ignore, make an irrelevant comment or play the grammar nazi ... or improve or make it your own for other similar ammo suggestions

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