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6 PRS option for high level raider none for low level nor miner

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I recently learned that there is 6 PRS preset settings ( the special Saturn sector for raids )  setting for High level raids.


Troller  , The Controller Raid

Gate Raid , Tada-O Gate Raid

Fishbowl , Fishbowl Raid

Red Dragon Base ,  Red Dragon Base Raid

GoBB ,Ghost of Black Beard Raid

AV raid , Ascendant Voltoi Raid 


First of all thanks and congratulation on who ever set this up.




Oni OCD , Oni Communication Device Raid

Scooter , Scooter Raid

Walking nightmare , Waking Nightmare Raid

Mordana , Mordana Raid 

Modi's child Heart , Modi's Child/Heart Raid  ( credit sink of say 300 million credit to get in ... )


are comming soon too ...


One lowish level Raid that people may not know about that could be cool for low level player in PRS would be


Warrior resolve raid in Maelstrom , Warrior's Resolve




The thing one notice with PRS is that it's target audience are raiders and highest level one only.


My suggestion would be to make a Comp builder raid that offer all the hard to get comp mob in a raid form


V'rix of low , mid and high level swarm to gt our faction up. Or Terran Or Progen or jenquai Raid

that one coul use to change there factions level with one race or class


Also create a Solar Panel droping mob that is PRS only 




My other suggestion would be to create a Miner raid where mobs instead of cores and comp drops would drop

Mining stacks of 30ish of hard to get type of ores.




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