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Unending load-screen on docking at F7

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When docking at F7/Glenn, I ran into an unending loadscreen. Coincidentally, this happened at the same time that sunrise.net-7.org dropped a ping-packet.


https://mega.nz/#!QkdVjQgT!BTtNC5YG2ZcCUoS9ulRTWCrd-BjDqSKDOFqiC3nZhvU (proxylog-20190414.dat, 7.75mb)


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Going to have to call this a client issue.

According to logs, the client just stopped sending data to the proxy as the transition process started.


This is something that I'm hoping to start working on, although it's much different than updating the proxy/server (we don't have the client code, so it's all reverse engineering and assembly work).

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5 hours ago, Ceacelion said:

So, something I've noticed with this bug is that if it says where you're docking or loading into, you load in normally. If you don't see any text, that means the client dropped connection.

Dunno if that's of any use.

Yeah this aligns with how the client handles the handoff between two servers (sectors, stations, etc).

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