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How to: Change in-game assets

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This is not officially supported by any of the development team.

If you want to do this please make sure you allow the Editor to back up any files that it recommends backing up.

If you run into issues, use the backups that it created to fix the problem. If that doesn't work message me privately on the forums and I will help you fix the problem. Do not message other developers or create tickets about issues that you caused using this tool!

If you run into any bugs with the Editor let me know and I'll update it.



This tool will work with any of the assets in the game including textures, music, and .W3D assets.



  • .NET 3.5 or higher - Also required by LaunchNet7 so you should have this already.



  • Download and extract MixEditor.zip (attached to this thread), place it in it's own folder
  • Make sure E&B is closed
  • Figure out which assets you want to switch out and which mixfile that asset is in (check my post with the list above)
  • Open Mix Editor.exe and go to File -> Open and open a mixfile with an asset you want to replace
    • You're looking for "<Earth & Beyond Folder>/Data/client/mixfiles"
    • A message will show advising you to create a backup of the mixfile, select Yes
  • Now you have a list of the embedded asset files. Look for the asset file that you want to replace (you can sort by name by clicking on the column at the top)
  • Right click the file you want to switch out/customize and click Replace
    • Another message will pop up asking you to back up the original asset file, select Yes and save the file somewhere safe
  • Next you want to navigate to, and select the file that you want to swap in it's place. The file must be in the same format (mp3 files can only be swapped for other mp3 files, etc)
  • You'll get a message that the replace was successful. At this point you can move on to any other assets you wanted to switch out.


Here's a gif video showing me opening a mixfile and switching out a Jenquai track for a Track from Interstellar's OST.

Note that I copied the mixfiles into the tool folder but you don't have to.



Download Mix Editor:



Change Log:

- Feb 21 2019 - This post was created :)

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