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Avatar Transfering

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I am trying to transfer a couple avatars from one linked account to another and I keep getting the same message. Alert: Rejected: Something is not correct with this move - please inform the webdevs! Please open a ticket (menu) and supply the avatar name and your game(!) account name.


Opened a ticket but was told they only deal with in game issues.  Any "webdevs" able to help with this issue?

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Thanks,  I removed the mention of submitting ticket and suggest using forum instead.


The error seems to be from precheck to see if any db table contains new avatar info (they should not).


I updated the error message and it should give more meaningful error (and actually log that for me to see)


You could create new char into that slot ingame and see if deleting temp ingame char clears the tables. You could also try different slot.



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