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resuming after disconnect -- difficulty

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one of my lesser toons just had a disconnect while in a system without a station.  When he logged back in, I found that the arbitrary spot the server placed him in the system was in the middle of a mob ... who promptly tried to slaughter him.


I think this is too much ... and unfair.  I didn't voluntarily disconnect; server dropped me.  Putting me into the middle of a likely or certain 'death' is a bit much.



I suggest that the default location for player placement when the server/client didn't save the player's location be changed to a neutral location in each system without a station.  [I think, in systems with a station, the default location is just outside the station -- which works fine everywhere except Primus Planet.]


{This actually happened in Odin Rex ... and the location was near the Chavez Camp.  I recall it happening in similarly difficult location in other systems but didn't make note of it at the time.}


{How to replicate ... I was making a wormhole to another system when I was dropped -- old location was gone from where ever it gets saved butt the new location (weft) wasn't enabled since I'd not yet gotten there.}





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