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a few questions first,  


1) are you a new or returning player?

2) did you create a game account in the account tab on the net-7.org page. must be signed in using forum credentials.?

3) are you running the net-7 launcher and not the old EA game launcher (Ea game launcher will not work as EA does not have the servers)

4) you must only use the net-7 launcher to launch the game using the game account created on the net-7 portal page accounts tab,


Ensure that the target window on the net-7 launcher is pointed the Client .exe.


it should look like this  C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe


Woodstock DGM

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I am a returning player , been gone for a while....megan says she cant validate my login.....

I am using the one to log in here and net-7 and i am using the net7 portal....

please help me if you can...




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