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Windows XP no longer supported

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TL;DR - Windows XP can no longer be supported by the Emulator due to it's age and limitations.


Users still using Windows XP will find that they are no longer able to log into the Emulator. Simply put, Windows XP is very old now and no longer supports modern encryption ciphers which most certificates (including ours) use. With Microsoft also dropping support for WinXP in 2014 and no official (from Microsoft) workarounds for this, we can no longer support Windows XP.


Although third-party patches may exist to address this issue, they could cause significant security problems or be outright malicious and so we cannot and will not officially support them.


If you cannot upgrade off of Windows XP for whatever reason but your system is capable of running a Virtual Machine well enough then you may have more luck getting the Emulator running in an VM (Win7 or later preferred), although we cannot guarantee good performance when doing so.

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